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September 28th, 2020

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September 16, 2020


09/16/2020 03:25 PM 


  • I am going to tell you all right now, I am NOT familiar with comic characters or their comic stories. Movies/TV Shows are my go-to though I will look up information for accurate portrayal/reference.
  • My content is triggering. There will be mention of, but not limited to: Gore, Torture, Adult Language, Abuse, Trauma, Alcohol/Drug Use/Abuse, etc. If you are easily offended, please delete me now. 
  • My portrayal of Zsasz might not be 100% accurate and I will apologize for it now. This is my interpretation of him. 
  • I prefer 1x1 storylines to group settings and status banter
  • Drama? Keep me out of it. I mind my own business just like you should mind your own.
  • I am a Multi-Para to Semi-Novella writer. I don't expect you to match me word for word but at least try to make your replies interesting. 
  • Collaboration is key. If you do not contribute to the discussion or storyline progression then I will stop writing with you. 


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