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Gender: Female

Age: 114
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September 16, 2020


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𝓐 𝓦𝓲𝓽𝓬𝓱𝓮𝓼 𝓑𝓪𝓼𝓲𝓬𝓼
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Full Name (formerly): Mystica Raven Divinity

Full Name (Currently): Mystica Raven Wolfe

Nickname(s): Myst, Old Lady (only by my man)

Date Of Birth: Unknown

Parents: Deceased

Siblings: Dead in my eyes

Species: Natural Born Black Witch (as well as known as en Evil or Dark Witch)

Job: Old Lady, Mistress Of A Hellhound

Height: 5'8

Hair Color: Varies 

Eye Color: Irridescent Blue (normal), Black (when angered)

Skin Tone: Varies

Build: Lithe/Athletic

Tattoos/Scars: Several

Mode Of Transportation: Harley Davidson, Red and Black Sports Car, Teleportation, Hellhound

Weapon Of Choice: Magic, Hellhound


Mystica is a natural born witch, just not any witch, she was born evil. That is because while her mother was pregnant with her a doctor told her mother that her daughter was still born. Her mother tried white magic, she tried spell books, potions, herbs and so many other things. But when she saw the doctor and she was told her baby was still stillborn, the doctor wanted to do an emergency c-section, but Mystica's mother demanded to carry her until term. Soon her mother became depressed and desperate. So she did the one thing she was sure would work. She asked the devil for help, she gave up her own soul; and the devil accepted. What Mystica's mother didn't know was when she drank from a bowl given to her; not only would it bring her baby back to life, it also placed evil inside of Mystica. When Mystica was born her mother died during child birth, and since the father wasn't in the picture; Mystica went to an Orphange.

Mystica was a good girl in the Orphanage, however when she reached her teenage years, is when she started to hear a voice, a males voice. It would talk to her, telling her she was powerful and needed to tap into her power. Because no one else could hear this voice, she became a loner because she would talk back to this voice, so other kids didn't want to be around her. When this happened Mystica became rebellious, as well as what others called her 'Gothic'. Mystica would drink liqour, smoke cigarettes, and make her own tattoos on her body.

She would constantly get in trouble, but there wasn't anything that the Orphanage could do. That was until she turned eighteen, and when she did was when she came into not just her body, but as well as her powers. She was thrown onto the street, and she had to live on the streets. The only positive thing about being homeless was that she could talk to that voice, and no one would bat an eyelash, as she learned about her powers and herself. However one day she was seen by a talent scout, and he found her to be beautiful; so he offered her a job as a model.

So Mystica took the job, and after about ten years with saving her money; she decided to retire, but she didn't retire because of how long she had been a model; but because she met the love of her life. And she wanted to spend her entire life with him. He was a President in a Biker Club, and his name was Bane. Mystica only met him because a demon sent a Hellhound to kill her, but because she was much stronger than the demon, and was able to make this specific Hellhound could smell her power, and Mystica became his Mistress. This Hellhound was Bane; she didn't know what Bane looked like for the first two years of knowing each other. Because she would mostly call him to kill people or creatures. However when she went to a local car shop that was owned by Wolf Inc; was when she met Bane in his human form, and in that moment it was love at first sight. Bane then marked Mystica as his so any other creature wouldn't be able to touch her without him knowing. She was still his Mistress, as she could control ONLY his Hellhound side.

As soon as Mystica was mated with Bane, and held his mark, was when she became the STRONGEST Black Witch to ever live, which changed her appearance, whenever she would use Magic.

Mystica was surprised and happy to know that Bane loved and accepted her no matter how she looked. She is now the OLD LADY, of Bane who is the President Of The Biker Club; Wolves Of Anarchy. She and Bane are well known, feared and respected; even though they still have people challenge them they always come on top.



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