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September 26th, 2020

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Gender: Female
Status: Married
Age: 39
Country: United States

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November 15, 2012


09/16/2020 02:43 PM 

Looking for partner @ tumblr

  Have been writing on tumblr for a while now. And now I am looking for a new writing partner since mine vanished/stopped replying. Any and all help is welcomed. Feel free to message me for info. Thanks in advance. (Have been for close to nine years. Partners have either vanished, gone inactive or just stopped logging in all together. Have tried everything. Even making the page myself and rping with myself. But some girl began to bug me to ship with her and only her. Jumping into rps that had nothing to do with her. I am at my wits end and ready to give up...)

Mick St John (Open role) Mick St. John is a Private Investigator and a reluctant member of the vampire society. He was turned on his wedding night by his ex-wife, Coraline, an ancient vampire from the French Revolution, later revealed to be a gigantic Vampire Hunt . He refers to himself and other vamps as “monsters”, even though he is “vegetarian” vamp and only drinks the blood of people dead in the morgue. His food is supplied by Guillermo, a vamp that works as an assistant at the city morgue. Guillermo also helps Mick in his cases, getting him inside the morgue to see and smell the victims of the crimes he investigates. Mick’s investigating partner and love interest is Beth Turner a reporter for the news show Buzzwire, and his best friend and confidant is Joseph Kostan, a beyond rich and ancient vampire who thoroughly believes in the widely held “being a vamp rocks” belief. He does not understand Mick’s hatred of what he is, even though he tries. Mick is 54 years older than Beth, but, strangely, their biggest obstacle as a couple is Mick’s fear of “being hurt again”. Beth is also angry at being excluded from Mick’s vampire life,consisting mainly of breaking vamps out of jail, and setting fire to rogues that threaten exposure for the vampire world. Beth is also feeling the pressure of this other world in that she starts to realize that it will be a lot harder for them to be together while she is human. She begins to think differently about her relationship with Mick, and starts wondering if it would be better if she was a vampire. She has her qualms about this, and if she ever asked Mick to turn her, he would surely rip her head off (not literally). Mick is a private investigator. He does this to make up for what he is, in a way. He is an excellent P.I. , thanks to his vampire super-senses. His sense of smell is the most heightened. He can smell far better than any human can, because of a vamp’s need to drink blood. Vamps are able to identify people not only by face and body type, but by the smell of their blood, which is as distinctive to each person as a fingerprint. Vamps only need to smell a person’s blood once to remember it, as well as identifying any foreign chemicals poisons, drugs, or the like in a person’s blood. A person’s blood even leave traces of the smell on another person without their blood actually making contact with another person’s skin. A vampire’s hearing is also strengthened. Mick is able to listen to an argument occurring inside a house from outside the house and across the street. His sight is enhanced, but it isn’t as noticeable as the hearing or smelling. His eyes change when he goes into “vamp-mode” from their usual hazel to icy blue. This could show an even further heightening, but who knows? Mick’s strength and speed are also highly increased. His “sexy vampire jump”, as quoted by Beth, and his high speed running, are only small showings. Over time Mick’s dearest wish is realized: he becomes human. This is through a cure stolen by Coraline, as a sort of reconciliation for turning him. However, Beth is kidnapped by a dangerous vamp (AGAIN) and he forces Joseph to turn him again, against Joseph’s wishes. Things look positive they take it slow until they have to investigate the murder of a mortal in a human/vampire relationship gone bad . When the case is resolved she has to tell the truth,no matter how much it hurt that he has been right all along; Humans and Vampires don’t belong together. He can’t join her world and she is not ready to join his, and so they should part ways. Mick leaves and then comes back. He tells her that it’s him that’s been wrong all along and that it isn’t about being a human or a vampire it’s about how they feel about one another right now. Finally Mick confesses that he loves her and they kiss while the door shuts.



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