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09/13/2020 06:48 PM 

A Drabble.

"The trees are about to show us how to let things go," Emma told her children with a smile as they sat in the backyard. Emma was very optimistic about things like that. She liked to teach her kids to be open-minded when it came to nature. With their age, it was easier to teach them things like that. Their imaginations were always running wild. "Mommy, how do the trees show us things like that?" Gracelynn asked her mother as Emma smiled. "You just have to listen," Emma told her daughter as she placed a soft kiss against the side of her head.

She knew her kids were going to ask a lot of questions, but Emma just wanted them to enjoy it. Before everything went to hell in her family, her parents used to do the same thing with her. It was one of the only memories that Emma had that she kept with her. Sure, her father was a monster but he did have his good moments. She wanted to make some good memories that would last a long time for her kids. The only difference is she wouldn't become a monster to her children. She was thankful for them, even her twins.

"Mwmmy, dw ywu think the trees hear us?" Landon asked his mother as he crawled onto her lap and looked up at her. "Of course they do honey. They always hear you as long as you talk to them. You might not get an exact answer-back, but it will always talk to you in other ways. You just have to believe in them." Emma told her son with a smile as she held onto him. She really was the luckiest mother in the world. She had the best kids and they always had such bright personalities.

They made her smile and they loved doing things with her. This is why Emma loved spending so much time with them. Emma watched as her kids got up and started playing near the trees. She didn't mind though because she could see them perfectly. She could hear her daughter talking to them as if they were listening and she smiled. These were the moments that they were going to remember and so was she. They were her little angels and she couldn't be more proud of who they had become as they were getting older.

Seeing them play made Emma's heart really happy. For the first time in a while she knew everything was going to be okay. She finally felt like she could let her past go and move forward. This was a moment that could share with two of the four most important people in her life. One day when the twins were older she could spend it with them too. Emma pulled out her phone and snapped a photo of her kids so she would never forget this. Finally she put her phone away and got up from the ground running over to play around her kids.


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