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The Birth of a Hellhound

The Birth of a Hellhound
1x1 with Braveheart
Time passed at a different pace for a werewolf. When in his wolf form in the past, Tyler Lockwood would find that large chunks of time would go by without him even knowing it. Running through the woods in Mystic Falls, chasing down vampires all in the name of The Armory at one time was something he could do for days and not even realize that he’d lost all that time. When he found his target, the bloody battle that had ensued would soon find him back to his naked human form covered in blood from head to toe. He didn’t even care. It all felt natural. He knew he shouldn’t enjoy killing or being in his wolf form like he did but since he’d broken the sire bond to Klaus, changing to into his wolf form didn’t hurt quite as bad. All that came to a screeching halt the day that Damon Salvatore killed him.

The pain of death especially at the hand of someone that you had considered family had been the worst kind of betrayal that could happen. He remembered growling through clenched fangs at Damon telling him that he was a siren’s b’itch. That look in Damon’s eye had not been the vampire he knew and somewhat respected. It was vacant. There was a hint of desperation to it that Tyler just couldn’t understand. It wasn’t until after he was dead that he finally did.

Everything had gone well for the werewolf after death. He’d found peace. His friends that were family all had found their niche in a new world after Katherine’s failed attempt to burn down Mystic Falls. He felt he could finally leave them alone. He was done and ready to leave behind Mystic Falls.

The next thing he knew, he was in a bigger and meaner form of a wolf racing through Mystic Falls. He’d already found a camper on the edge of the forest near the Salvatore Boarding House and the Lockwood Estate. The poor man never knew what hit him. Bared fangs of the monster were dripping with saliva that smelled of brimstone. Tearing into innocent flesh that blood coated his fur. The new beast that Tyler Lockwood had become drug the body out of the tent and left it laying there in a vermilion pool. A dark black shadow came and engulfed his victim. Screams of terror came from the man newly dead as he was drug away to a place of unspeakable evil.

Stepping out from behind an oak tree was a man with slick black hair and even blacker eyes. He was dressed in ebony armor and emanated power. “Good my pet. Allowing you to live has become a beneficial decision to me after all. Now go. I will call you again when I require your assistance.” His hand moved to make contact with the head of the beast that was once Tyler Lockwood petting him as a man would his loyal hunting dog. He disappeared from this realm with a smell of brimstone filling the air.

The animal that Tyler had become, closed his mouth and licked his lips as an obedient dog would do. He started to walk away toward the shadow of the Lockwood Estate. Standing there for just a moment, stray memories of a time long ago when a sixteen year old boy raced through the ground diving into a pool with absolutely no clothes filled his mind. He’d been drunk off his nut with his dad’s favorite bourbon leaving him to do something incredibly stupid.

The dazed animal moved through the forest taking himself to the place where he’d first experienced his transformation as a werewolf all those years ago. It was the old Lockwood Estate cellar. He stood just outside the entrance remembering as Caroline walked with him down there on that first full moon. His heart was yearning for that which he had lost. Caroline was his greatest love and yet he’d lost her to Klaus Mikaelson and then she wound up in the arms of Damon’s brother Stefan. A sad howl left his muzzle as he relived the pain of heartbreak. The animal laid down there in a curl with an air of sadness that showed the hint of the man at the center of the beast. Eyelids closed and sleep over came him.

He woke some time later completely naked once more and staggering through the forest. Bristles of whiskers remained upon his chin and a mustache decorated his top lip. Bare feet took one step after another not knowing where he was going. Animals in the forest were fleeing from the predator that had changed into a man during the blissful slumber that overcame him. He was in a daze. Memories were flooding him at different rates. He could feel the ground under his feet and the air that caressed his body. He knew one thing above all others. He was alive.

"Ty, is it you? Or do I need see Emma to get myself checked into the mental hospital.”

The sound of a man’s voice speaking to him made his head turn in the direction of the man’s voice. He looked familiar. He narrowed his eyes at the man. “Ty?” he asked. He canted his head to the right almost as though he was still a wolf. He was remembering. Flashes of memory flooded his mind in a mad rush that actually hurt him. He bent over grabbing at his head to try and stop the pain. He cried out in absolute agony as he fell to the ground.

Tyler Lockwood was alive, but he had been through a literal hell with no memory of it. He lost consciousness with the flood of memories of his life came back to him in a tidal wave. It was just too much for him to handle.
Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet


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