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09/06/2020 05:23 PM 

The Garden

The Garden
1x1 with Witch Bitch
Anger and bitterness had become familiar companions. Tyler Lockwood had much given to him, but much was taken away from him. He fled Mystic Falls despite the pleas and desperate tears down the angelic face of Caroline Forbes. She begged him not to go. She pleaded with him to let his anger with Klaus Mikaelson go. He just couldn’t. Tyler was the only one who could put an end to Klaus Mikaelson once and for all.

The fact that the spoiled Lockwood heir was a werewolf was something that couldn’t be helped. The wolf gene in his blood had been triggered by the insidious machinations of Katherine Pierce. That was something that was no longer here nor there. It was done. What happened next had been something that had been the downturn of everything in his life leading to his current predicament. Klaus had a series of abysmal failures that resulted in dead wolves. He’d been trying to create another being such as himself. He was the only vampire werewolf hybrid. He needed and wanted an army. He couldn’t have an army until he got his first Soldier. That first Soldier was Tyler Lockwood.

Klaus’ hands around his throat were like a vise. Tyler was strong as a werewolf, but Klaus was stronger. Klaus had bit a hunk of his own flesh allowing his blood to flow free. The blood was forced into Tyler’s mouth in front of his own terrified friends. He felt so helpless as he was nothing but a pawn yet again. The young Lockwood was the latest in a millennia littered with broken and bloody corpses all with one thing in common. Klaus Mikaelson used all his strength to break the neck of the young werewolf. Klaus finally had his formula. Klaus fed the doppleganger's blood to Tyler and finally a hybrid other than Klaus Mikaelson himself existed.

The Original Hybrid demanded loyalty. That loyalty came with a price. That price drove a wedge between Tyler and his gorgeous girlfriend Caroline. Klaus had his own obsession with her which also ate at his soul. Tyler was insanely jealous. He felt he couldn’t truly be happy with Caroline until Klaus was gone. They tried to tell him that he’d die if Klaus did, but once his sire bond had been broken he didn’t care anymore.

He had followed Klaus to New Orleans to discover that the bastard who had a thing for Caroline had screwed the traitorous wolf bitch Hayley and now she was knocked up. The world couldn’t be safe and happy as long as Klaus had the ability to procreate. What hurt even more was that Hayley who was supposed to be Tyler’s friend had screwed Klaus in the first place. Twelve dead Hybrids demanded revenge. Caroline’s image of Klaus would be shattered too if she found out he’d screwed Hayley. There was no choice. Even with the hurt on Caroline’s face, he had to do it.

The battle rocked the Bayou. The two Hybrids going at it in deadly combat sent several native residents both with four feet and two feet racing from the scene. Klaus with his calm demeanor and measured anger had gained an upper hand on Tyler. Now he was here. Where was here? The sounds of desiccating vampires was the first thing he’d noticed when he regained consciousness. This was hell for vampires. Damn Klaus and his minions.. He was slowly suffering in abysmal depravity at the order of The Original Hybrid. Would Caroline come looking for him? What would Klaus even tell her?

Occasionally footsteps would wind their way through the halls of this prison. He had abandoned hope that anyone would know he was here let alone come looking for him until he heard her voice. It was soft and curious. He almost thought it was Caroline, but it wasn’t. He could feel the blood in his body being reinvigorated. He was gaining strength. He had no idea how long he’d been here. His lips started to move. He was trying to tell his story.

When no words came out, he could have sworn he heard words in Latin being spoken. Was it Bonnie?. He was gaining strength. Words were becoming more definitive in his brain as his body was lacking in the blood he needed so desperately.

Why did you try to kill Klaus?

The words registered in his mind now. Warm hues once full of mischief and life were opened and attempting to focus on the image in front of him. It was a young girl who was obviously a witch. “He …took…everything from me.” Tyler was surprised he could even get that much out of dry lips desperate to be quenched with the life-giving fluid that was now his curse.

Had she heard him? Tyler managed to repeat his message once more. “He … took … everything.” Tyler was upset with himself for failing so miserably. Now he was stuck in this hell not knowing if his young witch was friend or foe. Right now, he felt like death would be a welcome end. There was a spark within him that would not give up, nor could it. Klaus Mikaelson could not be allowed to have his Hybrid Army. He would have a child that he could use as his source now. Tyler and everyone he held dear were now expendable.

A sneer across his dark features would signify to the girl that there was still fight left in Tyler Lockwood. He would not go quietly.

Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet


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