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January 16th, 2021

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Gender: Female

Age: 22
Country: France

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June 03, 2017


09/03/2020 04:15 PM 

. c o n n e c t i o n s .

[ 9 / 2 / 2020 ] Matthew - Being Linleys best friend, Lexi & Matthews paths cross a lot. There is a lot of flirtations that are exchanged between them. 

[ 9 / 2 / 2020 ] Linley - Lexi and Linley met during their time in the Army amnd became fast friends. They lost touch for a little while after Linley returned home to South Park. Oddly enough, Lexi's parents retired there on an old family farm and Lexi's father pulled some strings to have Lexi stationed there, despite her asking him not to meddle. Now a days when Lexi isn't playing Army or hiding from working at the local hospital, she can be found at Linleys Line of Fire gun range...teaching women self defense. 

[ 9 / 9 / 2020 ] Jud - Lexi patches up Jud one night after a bar fight. 

[ 9 / 9 / 2020 ] Iris - Iris hears about Lexi patching up Jud and gets a little annoyed about it but quickly forgets all about it. That is, until she recognizes the name of the resident doctor on staff one night. Iris decides to approach Lexi and things only go downhill from there. 

[ 9 / 14 / 2020 ] Jax - After an afternoon ride on his motorcycle turns bad, Lexi is the first one on scene. She was on her way to the hospital after a shift on base, so she was in full military uniform. Jax was pretty banged up but refused to go to the hospital. Later that day Lexi is on her way home and decides to stop by Jax's home to check in on him. 

[ 9 / 14 / 2020 ] Ben, Dallas, Haven & Frankie - Connection P E N D I N G


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