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Katherine Petrova

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November 29th, 2020

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Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 26
Country: United States

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October 08, 2019


09/01/2020 07:31 PM 

The Claws are out on this Kat (open roleplay)

Katherine initiated a violent fight with Elena, believing that Elena got the life that Katherine deserved. Just as she was about to rip her descendant's heart out of her chest, Elena forced the cure down Katherine's throat, which resulted in Katherine returning to a human/Traveler for the first time in over 500 years. Following these events, she went on the run for the summer, but when she realized that her return to humanity made her vulnerable to all of the various supernatural enemies she had made over the centuries, she returned to Mystic Falls, hoping to sweet-talk Stefan and Damon into giving her their protection. However, she was forced to flee again when the immortal Silas came looking for her at the Salvatore Boarding House and tried to kill her. Silas later revealed to Damon that Katherine's blood became the cure after she had ingested it, which is why he wanted Katherine so he could cure himself and die so he could be reunited with his true love in the afterlife. She ran from him for weeks, but eventually, Damon helped Silas lure Katherine to the house and fed him her blood, which turned him back into a witch. Though Katherine should have died after Silas completely drained her of blood, Katherine's survivor instincts won out, and she managed to live through the attack. Unfortunately for Katherine, she learned shortly afterward that having the cure removed from her bloodstream had caused her body to start rapidly aging in order to compensate for the 500+ years she had been "alive" as an immortal vampire. Not ready to die, her daughter Nadia reminded her that as the daughter of a Traveler, Katherine had the magical powers necessary to become a Passenger in someone else's body. She ultimately cast the Passenger spell on her deathbed to transfer her spirit into Elena's body, with help from Nadia and a Traveler named Mia. After the gang discovered this, Stefan stabbed her with the Traveler Knife, expelling her from Elena's body, but not before Katherine made amends with a dying Nadia. Upon learning she was denied entry to the Other Side, and therefore also denied a reunion with her daughter, she was dragged by unseen forces into what is presumed to be a hell of some kind. Time had long past days turned into months and months turned into years.. Katherine Pierce was no longer something to worry about life went on for Mystic falls after knowing how she was killed also there was a majority of people that know that the legendary Katherine Pierce was sucked into hell and was never coming back and did nothing about it they actually celebrated her death (which was rude). But was she really gone for Good that should of been the question instead of throwing the biggest party the Salvatore had ... It was a dark and spooky night a regular scene in Mystic Falls a flying black crow cawed landed on a tree branch and watched a scene by the riverbed . The Travels had gathered there to do a ritual to Bring back what had gone so wrong of Nadia's death and make things right by bringing her back. This was the perfect time a Blood moon was bright in the sky and that is exactly what was needed for what they were about to do as they finished laying everything in the proper places and started to chant loudly they didn't even think of resurrecting Katherine but someone or something messed up in the seance like meeting the wind started to blow hard and the candles started to blow out immediately the Travelers thought it worked and was happy about it and left the scene. Not Even five yards away at a unmarked grave not even with a flower on it was there a few minutes after a crack of lightning and thunder in the sky even though it wasn't supposed to rain it started to pour! a hand punched threw the ground and Katherine dug herself out of the ditch the crow that had watch the scene of the Travelers earlier flew above and cawed at Katherine shaking off the dirt and the other thing that was down there she had reverted back to being a vampire so she was hungry really hungry she sniffed the air her eyes changed to Black and flashed Away From The Scene to find fresh blood after that she wanted to get the hell out out of that place or she could stay she would get hee revenge later on but it was time to go. After fulfilling her thirst for blood she found her way state by state until Katherine Found herself walking down the streets of the French Quarter of New Orleans draging her hand on the old brick historic house she looked at it taking a moment until she heard a blood curdling scream and saw someone get thrown out of the building right front of her and hit Splat on to the pavement from above she looked up and squinted seeing a familiar face the one she had not seen in a long time she stepped over the body as if it was nothing and walked over to have a little chat.


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