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08/23/2020 06:11 PM 

Search and Rescue

Search and Rescue
1x1 for Fear the Ripper feat. Earth Angel
The word came to Tyler Lockwood in the form of a text message. He had just finished up his time running the wolves through their paces on the obstacle course. He felt a vibration from his jacket pocket that he knew was from his cell phone. It was a message from Alaric.

Got a problem Ty. I need your help. Come to my office.

Tyler swiped the screen and slid the phone into his pocket. Problems usually meant danger and danger meant that he was going to have to go hellhound to pull in whatever wayward kid had gone astray. The only son of Richard and Carol Lockwood headed back into the school using the back halls that lead out of the gym. He poked his head inside the classroom of his girlfriend Laurel Collins as she was getting ready for her free period. He slid into the room and up to his girlfriend for a quick kiss. “I’m sorry to do this babe, but Alaric needs me for something. Don’t know how long I’m going to be. Raincheck for dinner?”

She smiled at him with that expression that turned him into a total and complete puppy. “Of course. I understand. I hope everything is okay?” Laurel was always one who cared as deeply for the kids as Alaric did and even Tyler himself had. Both Laurel and Tyler were supernaturals who had different ways of growing up. Laurel knew who she was from an early age. Tyler had no idea he was a werewolf until he was a senior in high school. He still had a lot to learn. “You need any help?” she asked.

“The wolves just finished the obstacle course. Just peek in and make sure they don’t kill themselves because I ran them all too hard.” Tyler chuckled. He kissed her again. “Thanks babe. You’re great. I love you.” He slipped out of her hands and back into the hall heading toward the Headmaster’s Office.


Alaric was pacing back and forth. The word wasn’t good. He couldn’t risk leaving the school right now. He had to get Tyler to do it as he was one of the few strong enough to go after her. Worried glances turned downward toward nothing in particular since the Headmaster was over six feet tall. The knock on the door made him look up at the person darkening his doorway. “Tyler, glad you’re here. Have a seat.”

The Hellhound sat in the nearest chair with an uplifted brow. “Was it something I did?” He asked curiously. “I know I’ve been pushing the wolves pretty hard lately.” The worried look on Alaric’s face didn’t go without notice. That particular vein in his forehead that always popped up made Tyler’s anxiety levels raise.

Alaric shook his head. “No. That’s not it. I had one of the teachers today tell me that one of the witches cut herself in class. It was a combination of vampires and witches together in a class by the way. Most vampires have control over there bloodlust but one particular vampire was in class when this happened. Jade. You remember her from when we sent her to the Prison World?”

Tyler felt his stomach hit the ground. He remembered when they had to track her down with her companions Wendy and Diego. Diego being a werewolf, Tyler had proven invaluable to the capture team. “Yeah, I remember.” He hadn’t even bothered to tell Laurel that he’d helped Alaric send troubled kids to the Prison World. Maybe he’d finally get around to telling her later. “You need me to go after her?” Tyler could feel the brown in his eyes turned golden and then blood red.

“Yeah Ty. I do. I don’t want to send her back to the Prison World. I want to stop her from hurting someone. She’d been doing so well too. Just bring her back Ty. Don’t let her kill anyone.” Alaric really was trying to make amends especially since Jade had helped them all get back from the Prison World when Kai had escaped. “Please.”

He owed Alaric more than he’d ever be able to repay. “I’m on it Ric.” Tyler stood up and started toward the door. He was already starting to shut everyone out around him as he focused on the task at hand. He finally pushed his way through the front door and ran out into the woods surrounding the school. He’d been able to change now without much of an effort. He could feel his body contorting to take on the shape of a Hellhound the further he raced away from the door. Human footsteps quickly turned into lupine gallop.


The jogger with the nick on his face from shaving was approaching Jade’s position. He had his earbuds in and focusing on the road ahead of him in the middle of all these woods. He had no idea that death was awaiting him with each step he took. He couldn’t hear anything but the sound of his footsteps on the pavement and his breath leaving in pants from his lungs. A car passed him by kicking up a stray pebble that struck his leg. A small cut appeared on his leg where the pebble had struck after being sent at a high rate of speed. He stopped for a moment to bend down and check the blood that was trailing down his leg.

Before Jade could reach the road to where the jogger was checking on his medical condition, the dark form of the Hellhound known as Tyler Lockwood stood between her and the asphalt. She would know that was Tyler because she’d seen this form before. He stood there for a moment with his fangs bared in a warning growl trying to get her to back away. He’d been able to smell the blood frenzy she was in as a ripper. Every vampire knew that the venom of a wolf would hurt them, so the threat was very real. It was her move as to what she did next.
Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet


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