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08/13/2020 07:16 PM 

king of my heart.

serpent juliet And we rule the kingdom inside my room Never took me quite where you do
King of My Heart
Betty was too observant, attuned to every detail from the keyboard's hesitant clicks when he was lost in connecting her thoughts to the way his lip curled inward in concentration. While busy highlighting and copying and pasting texts to various parts of what was likely now her entirely butchered document. Nerves remained frazzled despite the welcomed distraction of food to occupy her. Still, her eyes remained trained on the back of the laptop. They every so often flickered upward to check in with him even though he appeared to have all but forgotten her presence until he demanded nourishment from her with an outstretched and expectant hand. She was quick to comply, scrambling to grab another slice of cold pizza from the box and stacked on top of the other before putting it in his hand. Just as he retracted enough for a sip from the soda can she'd given him before he leaned over to set it on the ground and immediately back to work from where he'd asked for her word choice substitution.

The anxiety she was experiencing had next to nothing to do with him. Everything to do with the fact that while she had infinite faith in him to resurrect her paper, she lacked every bit of conviction he seemed to have in her work and naturally, the confidence in herself that had been floundering since she'd first stepped foot on campus. College had proved more difficult than she'd expected in more ways than one, academics that had once come so easily to her in high school somehow now turned on its' head and one of her biggest challenges when she didn't excel instantaneously. He seemed to understand that, at least on some level apart from his very passionate personal feelings about the entire world of academia, it was vital for her to succeed in her own chosen arena. He knew her, first and foremost, and he was the one who talked her down from stressed out and anxious phone calls in the middle of the night when everything felt like it was beginning to weigh too heavily down on her.

This assignment appeared to be no different, but he seemed to realize how much more she needed him to comfort her than his work or words alone as she watched him set aside the laptop to shift across the bed towards her and take hold of her hand in her lap. It was all she could do to nod as he spoke so confidently and held her eye line and squeezed her hand. It was far from easy for her to accept that it was so simple when it felt so far from just being one assignment, but she trusted him more than anything, and this instance was also no exception. She believed that he would accomplish what he promised and set out to do, and with a deep breath, she tried to calm herself down made easier by the hold he had on her hand to keep her more level-headed.


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