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June 06, 2011


08/13/2020 12:25 PM 

Road to SummerSlam
Current mood:  adventurous

#alex riley from it's the little things

"Woah" chuckled as he saw the camera crew come in "Okay now i may be not dressed for the occasion but this will do for now." chuckled again as he looks at the camera now and takes  a deep breath "Now, now let's talk about business and that's my match for the universal championship. I never held that title before i held some before i am a former intercontinental champion in the past and still am here and kicking it."

"That universal championship is coming home but it ain't going home with the current holder, no it's coming home with a new champion and that man is going to be me."

"Arthur i don't know much about you, our paths nevers have crossed before and this is the first time they have, we been on diffrent brands i was on Raw Zone for a while been on Thunder SmackDown before i know how things work. And this is the first time we will wrestle against each other, Riley vs. Mills."

"Like i said i don't know much about you or your history but this is AUF and i am pretty well known around here, not sure if you heard the name of Alex Riley." says as he looks directly at the camera 

"Let me tell you something about me, i am not just a intercontinental champion , nope i am more than just that i love to compete and was born for it. Not sure about you but i can't wait to wrestle you for that universal championship. Just for now you can keep nice and warm for me, that title is coming home with me."

Alex flexes a little as he smirked confident and then stopped for a moment

"Well now i am preparing myself for our match hitting the gym hard, later i will hit the ring so i can practice some sure need it since i won the battle royal." 

catches his breath 
"Like i said i am coming for that Universal championship, Arthur Mills you better be ready for me. I am ready to take you on. I am going to show you what this tough bad guy can do in the ring and i am going to prove that soon at SummerSlam.."

"This whole thing about our match and Summerslam just getting me pump up i can't wait for the next Thunder SmackDown show i am excited... thrilled and going to kick some ass."

"And by that i mean yours Arthur.... IF Wilder or Dawson or Sami wanna get invovled i am going to kick their asses too."

"I am fired up right now!"

Looks both ways as he then drops down and starts doing some push ups as he continued working out hard as he continued working out for a few more hours as they passed by quickly as he then jumped up to his feet all pumped up now as he wiped some of the sweat rainging down his cheeks as he looks at the camera now as he takes a deep breath now.

"WOO that was some work out.... Now what is missing now is me becoming the new universal champion.  And champ i am going to see you soon at SummerSlam.." 

Chuckled as he looks at the camera

"Hold up a second you thought this was over? Now right now i don't think so this ain't over... It's over when i say so... i got so much to say about my match for the universal championship... Sure was a long tough battle to become the number one contender for the universal championship... I am not going to say it was freaking easy job eliminating those superstars who stood in my way to become number one contender for the universal title wasn't easy... You had some of the best AUF has to offer.... Much props to those guys who gave it their best in that battle royal... was honored to compete against them... But the end of the day it was me the tough bad guy who last standing in that ring. And for those doubting that i can't win the universal championship... let me tell you something i held the European title, i held the intercontinental championship... The doubters though i couldn't do it and guess what i held it longer than anyone in AUF history... Tooth and nail i went up against some of the best.... Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, Justin Gabriel, Johnny Curtis all some of the best in AUF."

Takes a deep breath 

"Now i am taking on a superstar i never wrestled before, Arthur Mills i look forward to our match at SummerSlam, what ever happens in all quite honesty may the best man win that match and let's just have the best match out there... That's what matters the most... I don't need to trash talk or anything... But i am just saying this may the best man win... Looking forward to facing you Arthur."



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