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Hybrid King Ripper [EDLR|BTK] {M}

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September 20th, 2020

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Country: United States

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October 27, 2019


08/13/2020 12:07 PM 

NBH Stop Your Lies And BS About Us

We have NOT used "your" so called playbys in 5 years. Dumbasses. Yet your headlines claim we are copying you. We had to change everything cuz of you and your childish ways. You guys claim you own everything. Guess what? YOU GUYS DONT CLAIM SH*T. Theyre popular names these days you dumbasses. Jesus christ, NBH you guys are the dumbest group weve ever met in our 13 years of roleplaying.

You guys wanna keep this 3 year drama going? Fine. Have it your way then sluts. Do you see your names on our pics now? NO!! YOU DONT SEE YOUR NAMES ON OUR PICS ANYMORE YOU STUID WHORES!!!! Have fun prancing around like retarded mannequins. Pretending to be us when youre not.

You guys are cleary obsessed with me and my family and to be honest its very laughable. You guys cant come up with your own sh*t. So you take from us still. Wow. IN RL i just had my tooth pulled, and took a few days off to heal. Now we gotta come back to your bullsh*t and lies again?! Jesus christ. Winter, Rayne, ALL NBH BITCHES, GET YOUR OWN LIVES AND STAY OUT OF OURS. WE HAVENT TALKED IN 3 YEARS AND YOU WANNA KEEP THIS SH*T GOING?! F*** YOU GUYS AND YOUR FEELINGS. YOU DONT GIVE A SH*T ABOUT OUR FEELINGS FROM YOUR BULLSH*T HEADLINES, SO WHY SHOULD WE GIVE A F*** ABOUT YOUR AND FEELINGS?! DUMBASSES. LEAVE US ALONE. YOU STALKING US IS REALLY GETTING OLD.


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