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08/13/2020 07:14 PM 

Asgardian Laws

Asgardian Laws


Discord banter is amazing and I LOVE it. It’s something I do enjoy, and sometimes with the right writing partners, it can actually replace writing on the site.

But as a whole, the site is where I host most of my writing. I love drabbles and the work that people can put into the length that is more readily allowed on the site as opposed to Discord banter.

To that end, I am a Multi-Para to Novella Writer, usually on the side of Novella. I aim for absolutely no less than 1000 words per post. And I never count by “paragraphs” because they can vary in length. So word count is my buddy, and if I send you something less than 1000 words, it’s because not everything has to be specifically X amount of words. Some replies are shorter than others, and writing filler for the sake of obtaining a word count is for college papers, not hobby writing in my opinion.


This is where the usual thing goes. At least I assume their usual. Here’s the deal:

No: pedophilia, bestiality, rape, weird specific fetishes, anything that belongs in the bathroom, and godmoding. Also absolutely no disrespect.


I expect this above all else. I expect and demand that you respect me, my thoughts, ideas, intellectual property, feelings, and most assuredly me as a human being. I also require you to respect these things of yourself as well. And I give you my solemn word that I will return it tenfold. It is exceedingly appreciated and I thank you in advance for this.


I don’t really do 'mains', however, I do partake in multi-storyline roleplay. So if I want to write with 23 different Thors and 12 Lokis, I will. I also reserve the right not to write with someone as well. This goes in hand with that whole respect thing. Not everyone is going to get along all the time. We’re all human (I think?) and diversity is cool. So I also extend the understanding that if someone doesn’t want to write with me, that’s okay with me.

So just because I have one character I’m writing with, doesn’t mean that I won’t write something completely different with another of the same character. Caveat: Storylines will ALWAYS be original. Please recycle your cans, not your storylines with me. Thanks.

Original Characters

I do not discriminate against other OCs based on my “history” with them. I’m not a hypocrite. But please be original and do the work. I know it can be done, as I have a couple of OCs myself.


Multi-ship versus Single- Ship. Wow, this debate is still strong in the roleplaying community. So here’s my thing. I don’t care. For me, it depends on the story, the writer, our chemistry, and how far things have progressed in the story. I’m not looking for a Love Interest for Sif at this point. I’m not opposed to it at some point, but I want epic stories where romance comes later and doesn’t turn the storyline into a bad bodice-ripping romance novel. I am open to Multi-ship, I am open to Single ship.

Organic chemistry and exploration are key here. This is a hardline I won’t budge on. Sorry, not sorry.


For lack of a better word, writing out intimate scenes is fine with me. Personally, if done correctly (which I will be very discerning about as well), it can really add layers of emotion to a story. Yes, there are fade to blacks, but that tends to take away from the intensity for me. However, am I going to smut with everyone from here to Dubai? Nope. Again, see the chemistry and organic growth comment above.


I am on more often than I am not, as I have my reasons. I prefer not to delve into that here. Suffice it to say, my activity is fairly high. I do have a tendency to struggle with muse sometimes, so I do a lot of editing, to help with that. If we are writing, prepare yourself to be spoiled as I work out my writing blocks with photoshop. It’s my way.

If it takes me longer than 3 weeks to get back to you I apologize in advance. But like everyone I have RL things that require my attention, and sometimes, physically, I’m just not able to do what I would like to. And for that, I do apologize. However, if you need someone with a half a second turn around time, I’m not your gal. Patience is absolutely required and will be given in immeasurable amounts in return.

Other stuff

Okay, standard stuff here. I’m not Jaimie Alexander, I am not affiliated with Marvel, DC, anyone else, and I am in the Mountain Time Zone. So I’m 2 hours behind Eastern, and 1 hour ahead of Pacific. Just to make things a little easier for everyone.


Don’t. Period. You will be removed. I don’t want to see it, be in it, or know about it. I don’t care, I’m here to write. I see it, I will simply delete, no further explanation.

Thank you for taking the time to read these, I know not many will but to those of you that have, you have my gratitude. No need to sign or acknowledge that you’ve read these, believe me, I will know.

In the end, we are here to have fun. So please do not let these “accords” extinguish your desire to have fun and to celebrate creativity as a potential writing partner. Unfortunately, life experience has lead me to these extensive guidelines but I assure you I’m very understanding, kind, and usually easily excitable like a Labrador puppy for new developments and new plots.

So let’s get to brainstorming!

Iron and Ivory
For Asgard!


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