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08/12/2020 09:54 PM 

Walk of shame.

A loud groan had escaped her lips, her head felt like it was spinning, the brightness of the sun peering in on her. One eye peaked open as she looked around, a room she was unfamiliar with.

She pulled the blanket over her head once, before quickly realizing she should probably get her ass out of there quickly. Making sure she actually had her clothes on this time she slightly tip-toed out of the room. A typical college guys room. 

The walk of shame what most people called it. She didn't care, hearing the whistles and catcalls from his roommates. She strolled out with her middle fingers out. They were being childish and she had no qualms of being just as bad as them.

Dillon was used to this being a typical saturday morning for her. Finding herself in some random kids room whether he offered her alcohol, weed or even something worse.

Dillon couldn't help it, something, anything to give her that fix that craving she felt to be numb. Her body to feel funny but in a good way for her.

Her life was spirling down, but she didn't care she already had lost the one person who she believed was going to save her life. He didn't make it and all she wanted was to feel numb for the rest of her life or until the drugs did her in which ever was first.

The feeling of being numb, as if she was falling from the highest of mountains and sinking into the deepest depths of the ocean. Anything for her to feel nothing.


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