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September 19th, 2020

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August 11, 2020


08/11/2020 06:01 PM 

Rules of the King

As a King, I am no stranger to rules. However, I am a King of Wakanda, not of all writers. That’s why I will these rules short, I just want to make sure our communication is civil and without drama. So let’s follow these when RPing with me so that it is fun for the both of us.

#1: You know the basics, no god-modding, autoing and make the fights and RPing fair.

#2: I don’t want any drama, I have enough I have to deal with on the throne. Let’s leave the politics to the politics instead of the writing.

#3: A King is not a man to talk about my personal affairs, so let’s keep it to business, shall we?

#4: I am pretty busy, it is not easy running a country and a superhero team at once, so don’t expect replies right away, I will be patient with you as well.

#5: I don’t expect to RP with everyone, I hope to RP with everyone at some point. But I promise you are not just a number even if I don’t message you, I am open to any genre, but that doesn’t mean I will add everyone.

#6: I will be opening up a Wakanda group among some others possibly, so if you do join the group I expect you to follow the rules there, pretty simple.

That’s it, I will look forward to RPing anyone who reads these rules, and I hope you enjoy RPing with me as much I will with you.


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