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Desire – August Les Mis Drabble
The steady gallop of the wolf's four paws upon the ground blended in with the harmonic dissonance of nature. He was larger than your average wolf. He was different. The wolf slowed his gallop and began a casual stride. Black nose twitching in the air, he caught a familiar scent.

It was here. Ears stood erect on the back of the animal's head. The large wolf with the richest brown fur was not just an average wolf on the hunt. He was so much more. Catching the scent firmly, he immediately started off again in a full gallop. In an instant, he was gone again.

This was Mystic Falls, Virginia. These magical woods had seen far more than nature intended. The home of creatures that were in the direct lineage of the gods as well as the birth of the abomination to nature that became a blight upon the earth all took place hidden among the flowers and trees. Side by side the ancient werewolf and the vampire began their blood feud all because of one man’s zealous desire to defy the natural order of life and death.

Desire is one of the most powerful driving emotions of a werewolf. Your senses are heightened. Your emotions are always at the peak. You are driven to the point of near madness all because you are tied to nature in a bond no ordinary mind could comprehend. This is the world of Tyler Lockwood.

In werewolf form, Tyler was larger than a regular wolf. After two decades of being a werewolf, he still was learning more about who and what he could do. Jackson Kenner was a great teacher and Alpha, still Tyler had to discover things on his own. Jackson said experience was the best teacher and Tyler knew he was right. Tonight, desire drove him. Desire made him focus. He rose his muzzle to the sky and began to howl.

Creatures in the forest of Mystic Falls knew the sound. The werewolves of the Apisi bloodline had made their homes here for several hundred years. They had been a part of the North Atlantic Pack at one time, but no longer. Tyler had no real inkling the history of his bloodline or their place within the North Atlantic Pack. He’d done some digging on his own and found an Apisi Wolf as part of the pack who’s Alpha had been Ansel, the bio father of Klaus Mikaelson. But the line nearly vanished from all he could discover. Knowing how he was as well as his father and uncle, it was likely because of a woman. The werewolf known as Tyler Lockwood ceased his howl and began galloping in the direction that the scent took him.

There was nothing like the feeling of running free and uninhibited. All those years of angst and lonely moments trying to fill a nameless void made sense now. The drive, the desire to become more than what he was kept Tyler running as a teenager into the night in the Lockwood Estate where Sarah was accidentally killed because she’s been compelled by Katherine Pierce to provoke him to wrath. The curse was activated and the last Apisi wolf was born. He continued his gallop as the memories flooded back. The look of Caroline Forbes at him when he felt the curse activate was something he would never forget. It was ingrained in his memory. One could even say the newborn wolf imprinted on the blonde vampire that night. Tyler did love Caroline and he always would.

Second chances rarely came and second chances did come for Tyler. After the Travelers had eliminated witch magic from a small area of Mystic Falls and he along with several others had survived a massive slaughter, Tyler returned to life as an untriggered werewolf and certainly not one of Klaus’ hybrids. The accident at the Corn Maze had nearly retriggered his wolf curse. Another woman in his life, Olivia Parker took it upon herself to put the poor suffering young man out of his misery. Unfortunately nature takes back what belongs to her and laying with a huge piece of glass in his stomach, Olivia insisted that Tyler activate his curse to save his life. He didn’t want to do it, but Olivia loved him that much. It was the hardest thing he had ever done. The light faded from her eyes and his heart was crushed. Tyler Lockwood was a wolf again.

Tyler would eventually taste death himself when Damon Salvatore under the sway of a siren would snuff out his life. Again, fate had other plans for him. As he assumed he was going to find peace, the gods had other plans. The very Original Hellhound Cerberus intervened in his afterlife and revived Tyler once more to the land of the living. This time he was more than a wolf, he was a fully activated hellhound. Descendant of Cerberus and his direct line, Tyler was more powerful than when he’d been a hybrid. His changes were without control at first, but he worked hard and fought for the slowly increasing control over who and what he was. The Hellhound was racing through the forest making his way toward a particular subdivision in Mystic Falls. It was where he could find her.

Tyler had been given a third chance at love. Her name was Laurel Collins. The Hellhound stepped from the forest. Desire drove him here. Desire to see her protected and safe unlike what had happened with Caroline and Olivia brought him here. Only a week before had he stood in her living room with his arms wrapped around her kissing her deeply for the first time. He lost Caroline due to his own unchecked aggressive need for revenge. He lost Olivia because of reckless abandon and second chances wasted. His love for Laurel made him a better man. His desire was more than just to love her, he wanted to treat her with the full knowledge of how he’d failed before and how he’d never do it again. The Hellhound stood there for a moment until all the lights in her apartment were off. Slowly he turned and raced back into the woods. It was all going to be different this time. He would make sure of it.
Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet


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