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08/09/2020 09:24 PM 

Reader | The Guardian of The Library

Before one can learn of it's Guardian, one must first learn of The Library. Acknowledging the rules will make your stay within The Library longer, and no measures will be taken to remove you.


1. All doors lead to The Library, and The Library leads to all doors.
2. Upon entrance, all ability to cause harm are removed to assure the safety of The Library's Guardian.
3. Any threats made to it's Guardian will be met with removal.
4. You may only read what will open for you. Forcing a book open will never lead to a book opening. Even if they did open, the pages would be blank.
5. It's Guardian can only offer help and aid so long as it does not interfere with Fate's plan for the individual within The Library.
6. You cannot read any books that are directly tied to yourself.
7. While it's Guardian can open all books, forcing him to open a book for you will only result in rule 3 and 4 activating.
8. The Library will allow harm to come to threats to it's Guardian by the hands of the Tormentor that dwells within it from time to time. So long as it is in the best interest of The Library and it's Guardian, rules can and will be bent for their well being.
9. All rules are subject to change to better suit the needs of The Library and it's Guardian.


"You say you found them?" The tall Guardian stared at Vice with concern. He was never one to dwell on negativity, but the creature that was in his friend's arms was something they never faced before. The walls around them, thick and neverending, trembled with low hums at the existence of this creature. The Library wasn't content, and Reader offered a soft 'shhh' under his breath to ease the Building. At least, he hoped it would ease it. He was far from capable of stopping his own creator from lashing out at a possible threat.

"Reader..." Vice spoke softly, her own grey eyes peering up at him. "This one is not evil. He did not wish to harm me, and I could have very easily torn him to shreds. I saw fear in his eyes, my Reader." Her eyes went back to look at the figure in her arms, her soft hands petting hair back while Reader paced from left to right. His hands toyed with the pocket watch in his pockets, feeling the cold gold against his skin and trying to think of what to do. 

"Does it--does he have a name?" Reader finally sat, his legs long and showing that the chair he chose was not the correct size for himself. It was meant for a child, at least, he assumed so. Often enough, children found their way into the Library, and he would calm them and offer them tea or juice before sending them back home. They were the purest visitors, and he preferred them over the ones that came in search of answers he couldn't give. "You know I can only do so much to keep anyone safe here. If your new friend is meant for Death, then I cannot stop Fate from snatching him back. Neither of us can stop Fate." 

Vice nodded, and she shifted the body in her arms to let them lay down onto the makeshift bed that Reader had made. There were rooms within The Library, yes, but none that Reader wished to give away to a stranger. His trust was being tested towards this guest. "Do you want me to let him live with me?" 

"I was thinking of giving a different option to Fate." Vice held her hands to her lips in thought, her eyes staring at nothing while thinking of everything. "The Theater has no Guardian."

"It doesn't require a Guardian. Anyone who enters there is meant for Death, if a living thing enters, they will die." Reader sighed, but his mind soon began to connect what she was thinking. "...You said that he is a creation of Death?"

"He is not like the other Tormentors that mirror ourselves, My Reader." Vice tapped her lips and soon stood up. "I believe he is better than Death."

"Everything is better than Death, Vice. I don't know if you've noticed over the past few eterneties, but Death isn't the most loving or welcoming." 

A soft chuckle left Vice, her hand adjusting her sword on her hip before turning on her heels to face the door she entered through. "I am going to speak with Fate."

"You're leaving me with him...?" Reader wanted to object, but refrained from doing so. "Yes, I'll keep an eye on him and make sure Keeper doesn't visit or shoot."

"Keeper never visits you."

"With my current luck, Vice, I suspect Keeper may even hug me." Reader flashed an unseen smile that faded as quickly as it was offered. 

The fate of a creature unknown to him was decided that day. Reader learned that he would find his best friend and most cherished listener in the sleeping body left in his care. 


"Are you listening? I imagine you are using me just to get music." Siren sighed, his fingers still playing along the piano keys. The echo made The Library content and calm, a large difference from how hostile it used to be towards the pale man. Reader only smiled and waved the response off with a small laugh.

"I always listen! You don't have to play if you don't want to."

"The Library may disagree with you. Some people pay rent, and here I am, playing to be able to stay." Siren had a dry sense of humor, and it often escaped Reader. After another moment, Siren finally paused and closed the piano, resting his hands on the top of the wooden instrument. 

"Reader, I have never seen you show hostility." Siren raised a curious brow, "Do you always welcome everyone? Even the ones that you shouldn't?"

Reader paused, his eyes focusing and a calm sigh left his lungs. "...I did once. But, I figured if I was to be someone called a Guardian, then I couldn't be a very good one if I was quick to judge." He smiled, "Before The Theater starts to call for you, why don't we pay Vice a visit? I suspect she'll enjoy some company!"

Siren shrugged, agreeing silently by standing up and dusting his trousers off. "You were right to be hesitant of me."

"No." Reader shook his head, grabbing his jacket and opening the door once to show darkness. Upon closing it and opening it again, it lead down a white hallway lined with weapons of all kinds. "I was wrong, Siren. It was the first time, and hopefully the last time, I could ever be wrong." 



  • Reader has never left The Library, but it is very easy to stumble upon him due to rule number 1.
  • Despite knowing everything The LIbrary knows, Reader has placed a mental block upon himself to prevent himself from accidentally revealing information to visitors. 
  • Reader is a pacifist. 
  • While he is bound by rules that prevent him from helping people directly in regards to information they need/want, Reader uses a loophole that allows him to offer subtle hints to visitors he is fond of. 
  • Harm / Threats to Reader often are lead to Siren appearing in The Library. Prior to Siren's arrival among the Guardians, Vice was the Guardian that would appear as a method of defence. 
  • Next to Siren, Reader is closest to Vice. His relationship with Keeper is strained due to him being considered a pest to Keeper, and Reader avoids meeting Second. 
  • There are many experiences that Reader has never gotten to take part in, thus, he will welcome new experiences. 
  • There is a piano present within The Library. Reader can play it, but prefers for Siren to do so. 
  • Reader will often offer tea to visitors, but he can have anything that a visitor wishes for appear. This is how he manages to calm down children who wander in and become hysterical over being 'lost'. 
  • He is very good with children, but awful with adults that are closed minded. 


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