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Character Master List
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[ Below is a general list of characters that exist on this account with basic information. As time goes on, the list will be updated with links to their perspective post with more details as well as one-shots that I will write that relate to the character.]

The Guardian of The Library

Race - Guardian | Gender - None, often appears as a male to visitors | Hair Color - Brown | Eye Color - Green | Face Claim - Matt Smith | Weapon - A golden chain that often is used as a chain for his pocket watch | Orientation - Asexual

Reader is a pacifist, leaning heavily upon the rules of The Library to aid this lifestyle. While his kindness is often taken as a sign of weakness, it is important to keep in mind that Reader is, in fact, the second most powerful Guardian that Fate has created.

The Guardian of The Theater

Race - Tormentor (hiding as a Guardian) | Gender - None, appears as a male out of preference | Hair Color -Black | Eye Color - Violet | Face Claim - Ben Whishaw | Weapon: A scythe (however, it is currently within THE VAULT, far from his reach) | Orientation: Pansexual/Panromantic

Tied to The Theater through a mutual understanding of Death, Siren often is found outside of his designated Building. He often is found in The Library, keeping Reader company and allowing the Guardian to teach him new things. While Siren appears calm and often more level headed than his peers, there is a looming secret that weighs down on him. It's only a matter of time before he has to realize he can't stay a 'Guardian' for long.

The Guardian of The Armory

Race - Guardian | Gender - None, appears as female to visitors | Hair Color -Black | Eye Color - Grey | Face Claim - Jaimie Alexander | Weapon - A sentient sword named Teacher | Orientation - Asexual

The strongest of the Guardians and the least knowledgeable of life outside of her Building. Vice is to keep the weapons within her Building safe, and assures that the weapons fated to unite with certain beings are kept safe until their time has come. She is close to Reader and Siren, as well as Keeper, acting most like a Mother to the lot. Vice originally kept Siren's Scythe, but due to it's own sentience, put it in The Vault to keep it from taunting her own sword.

The Guardian of The Vault

Race - Guardian | Gender - None, appears as a male to visitors | Hair Color - Blonde | Eye Color - Blue | Face Claim - Daniel Craig | Weapon - A sentient gun named Foster | Orientation - Asexual

The most quiet of the Guardians. Keeper is hostile to Siren, but keeps distant for the sake of Vice and Reader, whom are fond of the Tormentor. Keeper is to assure that items within The Vault remain there safely. None are to leave unless they are destined to do so, all but the Scythe. His main objective is to keep it from Siren, and to kill any who attempt to take it from his Building.

The Guardian of The Tower

Race - Guardian | Gender - None, appears female to visitors | Hair Color - Brown | Eye Color - Hazel | Face Claim - Ellen Page | Weapon - A sword that looks similar to the second hand of a clock | Orientation - Asexual

Among the few Guardians that were created as a replacement, Second was created upon the untimely death of her predecessor, Minute. This makes her the youngest of all the Guardians, but not the weakest. Second keeps time in check, and often has to assure that time does not break or stop at any point, regardless of the universe she is peering into. Second has met with all of the Guardians, except for one; Reader.



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