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Aubree Stevens-McFadden

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September 19th, 2020

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Gender: Female

Age: 17
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July 16, 2020


08/09/2020 08:04 PM 

Worst nightmare

Aubree’s art teacher Mrs. Cadence wanted to see her first when she got to school. She couldn’t help but to think she was in trouble but for the life of her couldn’t come up with anything. Art class was her favorite out of all of her classes. She took a deep breath as she entered the room and she walked in nervously. Mrs. Cadence you said you needed to see me." Aubree paused to take a deep breathe. “Am I in trouble? Did I do something wrong? I’m sorry and I promise I won’t do it again.” Aubree’s words came out faster than she intended to. The teacher shook her head and laughed. “No child you’re not in trouble, it’s the opposite actually. Don’t tell anyone this but you’re my best student I’ve ever had.” That brought a smile to her face and a major confidence booster. “That’s why I had you come in so early” The teacher reached behind her to grab a folder. “The student showcase is coming up and I want to submit this painting you did of your mom. You really captured her essence and only a true artist can do that. I’m gonna buy one of your masterpieces one day, I know it.” She held back the tears that were on the verge of falling from her eyes. “That means the world to me. That was the nicest thing anyone has ever said” She was grateful she didn’t wear makeup or she’d look like a total mess. She wiped the tears that managed to escape. “You’re talent and we’re gonna see great things from you. Excuse me but I have a meeting to get to but I’ll see you fourth period.” Aubree shook her head yes because she wasn’t able to speak. “Go on get out of here” The teacher laughed as she gathered her things.

Aubree was smiling as she walked down the hall. Everything felt like was falling in place. Nothing or no one could bring her down. She weaved through the crowd of people as the halls began to fill up. As she approached her locker she felt her phone vibrate in her pants pocket as everyone around her looked at their phones hearing them go off. She looked down at her phone and gasped “no”. She looked around all she heard were whispering and people were staring at her. She felt like this was some kind of nightmare and she desperately wanted to wake up from. She felt sick to her stomach and began running to the bathroom. She didn’t realize she was crying until she looked in the bathroom mirror. “This isn’t happening. It’s just a dream.” She fell to the floor. She quickly rushed to the stall when she heard someone coming. She peaked through the slot recognizing the voices. They were Wendy and Cindy Williams, who were some of her worst tormentors. "Can you believe that the freak is a baby killer" Wendy laughed as she fixed her hair. "The Raven was obviously lying about Seanny being abusing her. My boyfriend couldn't hurt a fly" Cindy told her sister as she applied more lipstick. "It's bad enough he dated that freak. Let's go we can't be late for bio again" 

She waited for them to leave before she walked out of the stall. "He knows and is gonna come for me again" She ran outside the building straight to her car. She got in and hit the steering wheel and began to scream. She needed to get away from that place. She sped out of the parking lot. She drove to the park. She hadn’t been there since the first blast she got about Sawyer. She parked her car and sat there for a minute.

She sat under her tree and let the tears pour out her eyes. “How does this monster know this. Sawyer wouldn’t tell anyone..she promised.” She knew she looked like a crazy person. "So you killed my baby" she jumped not realizing Seanny was standing in front of her. She looked up at him terrified just like all those times before. She scrambled to her feet. "Stay away from me" she grabbed her pepper spray on her keychain and sprayed him in the face. She ran to her car not looking back.


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