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August 9th, 2020

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July 28, 2020


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Layla has known Lucas Daniels for as long as she can remember. His family had been life long friends of her parents. The Daniels family was home to Layla after her mothers passing. Her father moved himself and Layla to Colorado for a little bit so that Layla would be able to have somewhat of a normal life. That's when she started spending a lot of time with Lucas. Attached at one anothers hip, they got close. Confiding their darkest secrets to each other. The only person she could ever trust despite how violent it got. The person she came to Valkery for. 
Laylas ex-boyfriend was extremely abusive. Physically and mentally. Still, Layla would do anything for him. Which is why she needed serious help. Introduced to a therapy group for victims of abuse, on her first day she met Finneas. The two hit it off as friends, having similar stories and sharing common ground with their different abusers. They were even paired together as each others partners, as everyone in group was required to have one. The therapy group has red flags of being a cult but both Finneas and Layla are unknowing of this.
Eden and Layla met by chance. They were both attending Pick Your Poison one evening. Making conversation, they became friends. Layla acts as a bad influence on Eden. Encourages her bad habit of drinking, only so she has a friend to let loose with every once in a while. She means no harm by this. Layla truly cherishes Edens friendship.
Coming soon.
Layla spent some time in California. Looking for leads on her missing ex. During this time she befriended Noens girlfriend at the time. When Noen and his ex split, he vented to Layla about it. The two becoming friends after. 
Layla happened upon Salem doing a ritual in the woods. This intruiged Layla as she grew up with Christianity force fed down her throat. Never having the chance to choose her religion or experience it on her own. Now, Layla looks to Salem for guidance. Having the girl teach her witch craft practices. 
A private investegator that Layla had hired sent her to California. Where he mistankenly identified River as Layla's ex. Having fit the description pretty well. After a colorful conversation with him, it was River who led Layla to Valkery. Letting her know about what was truly going on in the town. He is the reason she found Valkery.


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