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08/04/2020 05:08 PM 

Desired Connections

Below are a few connections that I am looking for that are important to my storyline. 
If interested, contact me on Line at icexcoldxbarbie or discord at mischief managed#8077 
Or shoot me a message here! ♥

Ex-Girlfriend: Luna and Muse B were together for a couple of years until Luna packed up and left three years ago. Luna had been going through a really hard time, ever since Amelia had left, and Muse B had helped her through it, they had helped one another, but Muse B's help wasn't enough. Things between them slowly began to deteriorate until one night, Luna disappeared without saying goodbye. No one even knew if Luna was still alive, she just vanished without a trace.  Three years on and Luna is finally back in town

Childhood Bestfriend - Muse B and Luna have known one another since they were little. They grew up together, and although Muse B was a few years older than Luna, that hadn't stopped them from being best friends. Luna saw Muse B as an older sister and the two were extremely close, but even Muse B wasn't enough to get Luna back on the straight and narrow. When Luna was seventeen and out of control, Luna betrayed Muse B [how can be discussed] and their friendship broke down. After Luna disappeared from Hartsville, Muse B tried contacting Luna but Luna never picked up the call. 

Obsessed - Muse B was a huge part of Luna's life when she was a teenager. This person introduced Luna to the partying lifestyle and was a constant in her life. She wasn't the best influence on Luna, but Luna was convinced that she needed Muse B more than she needed anyone else. She would get jealous when Muse B was in a relationship and would always try to come in between the relationship, sometimes going as far as seducing Muse B's significant other, even if she herself was in a relationship. Her motives were not driven by any sort of sexual or romantic desire for Muse B, but she believed that Muse B was the only person that she had and she didn't want to lose that. 


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