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You'll be in my heart...

Caroline Forbes | Friends wiki | Fandom
The sun was barely coming up over the horizon as Caroline Forbes sat upon her front porch her hand absent-mindedly running over the large oval her stomach had become with the beautiful twins. Slowly she rocked back at forth a soft pain in her lower back no doubt from her growing abdomen. The smell of the forest musk and dew from the early summer morning within Mystic Falls. The sky was lit with a mix of light and dark blues with splashes of pink throughout the beautiful scene and Caroline was sure she saw a small doe with her fawn somewhere within the shadows of the trees. The very sight brought a smile to her face and made her blue eyes look down at her stomach lovingly.

As a teen, Caroline had always dreamed of one day becoming a mother but as a vampire, she felt like that dream had been thrown to the wind. There was no known way for a creature like that to be able to give birth to a child; not like she’d ever want to subject an innocent to this way of life at all. “Oh, but you two are a beautiful miracle.” She softly cooed to the movements that began to make her stomach move. Closing her eyes, Caroline sat back still rocking in the chair slowly as the girls began to move within the womb. Early risers no doubt she thought to herself causing a chuckle to rise from her throat.

Emotions came flooding into her as she thought of the twins and the events that lead up to this moment she thought she had been robbed of. Between being very thankful to Jo for gifting her the honor of bringing them into the world and missing her own mother tears filled Caroline’s eyes and slowly fell down her cheeks. “You alright?” The words caused her to jump and hold her stomach in a defensive stance. Damon stood a confused look on his face as he took in the small blonde that was now looking as if she’d rip his throat out in a moment.

“Yes I am fine,” Caroline rolled her eyes relaxing once more as she looked over at the horizon where the sun was finally shining through the top of the trees. “Just wishing my mother could be with me now.” She admitted with a sigh trying to ease the pressure that had built within her chest at the thought of her mother. “And Stefan…” The last words cut like a knife in her heart as the ring on her finger shimmered in the light. Caroline didn’t expect much from the likes of Damon Salvatore but to speak it out loud was enough to loosen the grip that grief had placed upon her heart. “Yeah, I miss them too,” The words were short but it was enough to cause Caroline to look up at the brunette with some surprise.

Damon and Caroline had never been close after he had used her in order to get closer to Elena and Stefan but over the years they had grown to tolerate each other. As her brother in law, he was the only part of Stefan she had left. Caroline held out a hand as the pain in her back grew slightly making her flinch. “I need to walk a little,” she said softly as Damon took her arm and helped her to her feet. For a moment she closed her eyes finding her footing before opening her eyes once more. Alaric moved out of the house a smile on his face as he looked down at the ever-growing belly and the two men began to talk about bourbon.

Patting both men on the shoulders, Caroline moved towards the door her hand barely touching the screen door’s handle before a sharp pain moved through her abdomen and shot up her back quickly. “Alaric!” the blonde choked out as the pain continued to get worse before she felt something burst within her waist. A gasp of shock left her pink lips as her hands snapped out to steady herself on the door so that the pain didn’t cause her to collapse to the wooden porch under her. A wave of warm liquid slid down her thighs and blue eyes opened to look up at the two men who now were looking at her with heavy concern in their eyes. “It’s time…”


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