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08/04/2020 01:15 AM 

Maybe I'm just crazy.

Maybe I'm just crazy.
Prompt for Eric. Ya can Totally reply if you want. This kind of got away with me.

"Maybe I'm just crazy?"

The voice rang in her ears as she listened to him speak. Watching him as he paced back and forth, it was the middle of the night, the two lost in the middle of the woods with nothing but the light of the small campfire they had built hours before.

Their group had left, just leaving the two alone. Not really wanting to go home  of course Arlene hated staying at her own place for longer than she needed too, so when they all decided to throw a little get together in the woods she was the first one to jump at the idea.

The group managing to get booze as they all drank until the world kept spinning. 

A drunken Arlene laying on the ground as she turned her face now to look at the stars above them.

"A. Listen. Listen A. Are you listening?"

She couldn't help but laugh at the ramblings of her friend now, her eyes closed before she heard the footsteps getting closer towards her, eyes opened slightly to see the short boy hovering over her.

Standing as he grinned at her. 

"Maybe I'm just crazy? Do you think I'm crazy?

The drunken slurs of the boy made her laugh, she hated to admit it, but they both probably were crazy.

"Why are you crazy E?"

She questioned, quickly trying to sit up so he wouldn't have to be leaning over her. Her mistake as the world started spinning.

He started pacing again once she was up as her eyes darting at each motion.

"Don't you think they deserve what's coming to them? Aren't you tired of all their sh!t?"

His voice seemed to sound off to her now, eyes closing. 

"Nothing's going to happen to them, or to us. We're going to just get out of there and sooner or later die."

She hated how she sounded, like a wounded animal having to make sure she got out of that school a live on onto bigger and better things. For her she knew she was going to be stuck there for the rest of her life.

But not him. Eric was a smart guy, he could do whatever he wanted if he put his mind too it. Dylan too, they were both part of loving families who wanted nothing but the best for them.

Arlene on the other hand stood out like a sore thumb when it came to her those two. Neglecting parents, tied down to the dirt in the ground.

"Those fvckers though, they all think they can get away with what they do to Dyl, you, and me. You'd think they'd find a new fvck thing to bother yet here we fvcking are."

"Don't kill the mood Eric." 

She hissed slightly, she knew how his anger got, not wanting to have to see that anger inside of him when they were having a good time.

"The mood? I'm killing the mood? You're just wasted, just like your life! WASTING IT HERE."

Arlene now flinched from his words, glaring at the boy as she got up onto her feet, stumbling slighty as she felt once again the world spinning.

"BECAUSE MAYBE I'M CRAZY.But I know I'm going to die here! I know nothing I do will let me escape!"

She wanted to hate him, making her feel guilty for things she couldn't control. That they both couldn't control.

Arlene wasn't one for expressing her emotions, neither was he. The two were heated always butting heads when they'd disagree on something. While Dylan would have to come in between them most of the time.

"You want to hurt people? Murder them, well do it to me."

The anger seething from her now, before he started laughing, getting her stunned for a moment. 

"A. You're one person whose probably going to hurt the most after all this is over."

That statement stopped her in her tracks, she slumped down onto the ground again, letting out another laugh along with him now.

"You're fvcking crazy, Eric."


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