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September 27th, 2020

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Gender: Male
Status: Divorced
Age: 50
Country: United States

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July 26, 2020


08/04/2020 02:47 PM 

Simply not meant to be.
Current mood:  crushed

Oliver had always wanted a child, but he and his now ex wife of 13 years had let their careers come first. LET... he told himself that it was their choice, but he could still hear her now: Children are a burden, Ollie, an expensive one. Besides, you cant expect me to just drop my whole f***ing life to be a mother. Funny that theyd seen things so differently. Having a child would be life, to him... how had he fallen in love with a woman who didnt share his vision of that? Life? ...but thats how it was - they put their careers first. It didnt change the fact that he still wanted something he potentially would never have.

So it went, when the petite blonde bombshell that was Gigi McKenna had sauntered into his office that fateful day to deliver the news that their elicit affair had resulted in a pregnancy - and subsequent miscarriage, he was all but devastated. Torn between his wife knowing hed had an extramarital affair with one of his young... very young at that, 19 and he an aged 43... and the want to be a father, he grew cold. With a stoned countenance and cool demeanor, hed informed the vixen that he couldnt possibly let her stay and finish her tenure at the university, couldnt continue their affair and, essentially, didnt want to see her again.

The day had carried on after she had stormed out of his office with a faux smirk of her pointed bow lips, pretending that this didnt affect her... same as he had. Hed gotten in his car, driven home and immediately swept past the ice queen hed married - into the backyard to stew on it all. Thoughts of the potential life lost, even if having it meant his career and marriage would be in jeopardy, hit him. The sting began then; the threat of tears burning so badly at the edges of his ebony lashes that he satiated it by just letting them fall. Huge, rolling salted crystals trickled from his azure hues, crimson cradling the orbs like a boat on the tempestuous sea.

"Ollie?" it was Sarah, her voice softer than hed known it to be in some time... shed heard him whimpering and come to check on him "are you alright? Whats..." the look at seeing this man cry stopping her words. Peering up at her, his heart broke even more... he couldnt even explain to her what was the matter. He hated her more than he could fathom in that moment, her and the girl whod ripped the only other chance hed had at fatherhood from him. All because she was a f***ing partying college kid... Why didnt he deserve happiness? Why didnt he deserve that tiny version of himself to love and watch grow... why was the universe so against it? Perhaps it just wasnt meant to be. Obviously... it wasnt meant to be.

Palm of his hand cradling his distraught visage, he simply turned from her... Destroyed. He was utterly destroyed... and simply cried.


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