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08/03/2020 10:15 PM 

August 2020 Drabble

This month’s drabble is a little bit different than previous ones. For August, you will be choosing one word to base your drabble around. For example, if you choose the word “Jealousy” or “Anger” then you have to write a drabble around it. Did something happen for your character to feel this way? How do they react? We would love to see how you bring these drabbles to life by just using one word as a starting point for the overall theme.

Thank you to Hope Mikaelson for suggesting this!

This drabble is due by Monday, August 31st by 11:59pm EST. 


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𝐻𝒶𝓇𝓋𝑒𝓈𝓉 𝒲𝒾𝓉𝒸𝒽


Torture I just love too much, and maybe I show it too little

The screams of Davina Claire echoed around the Ancestral plane.  As soon as she appeared in the witches ‘afterlife’, the eager witches smiled at their new resident.  They had been waiting for her for a long, long time. They started ripping her to shreds and when they were done, they put her back together, they would repeat the process.  They wanted to make sure she felt their anger. And she did.  Each rip got worse and more painful, making the New Orleans witch scream at the top of her lungs, sometimes the scream was blood-curdling.  The witches didn’t care.  They loved hearing her suffer.  They thought she deserved it and wanted to give her as much as they wanted.

At times, Davina would catch a break and try to run away from the angry mob of witches but not much happened.  Every time she would find a place to hide, they would find her and find a new way to torture her.  They were too angry with her for helping out the Mikaelsons and any vampire that needed her help.  They think witches helping vampires was the wrong thing to do.  The most they could help them with was creating daylight rings so they could stay in out in the sun if they wished to do so.  But to help them with any other problem was frown upon.  Witches are told not to do so or they would face severe consequences.  Davina did her best to stay out of it but after being forced to against her will, she couldn’t help it.  She did it to save her life. The only time she would help with no questions asked was if something was happening to Hope and no other witch was able to help her.  

The witches would find new ways to torture Davina.  Some days, they would rip her to shreds, sometimes they would poke her with a hot poker, making each poke hotter each time it touched her.  Davina knew when and if she were ever to break free from this hell, she was going to go after the very person who put her there, Freya Mikaelson.  She didn’t know how she would do it.  She knew Freya was the strongest witch in the world, besides Hope.  Maybe getting assistance from Marcel could help her.  Maybe with his new upgraded vampire powers would take care of things.  But Davina wasn’t the type to seek revenge in that kind of matter.  Either way, she had to do everything to get out of this hell.  Whenever that would be.  Rather...if that would ever happen.

When she wasn’t looking, the witches jerked her away from where she was and started taunting her, calling her names like traitor and bitch.  They repeated this until she broke down to tears.  There, they start their torture again.  Ripping her to shreds, poking at her, anything to keep her spirits down.  Every time they saw a glimmer of hope in her eyes, they take it away from her.  Even go as far as to remove the thought from her mind so she wouldn’t feel hopeful.

Posted on Aug 25th 2020 - 5:28 PM

'The Wily Fox'


(word vomit)

It was just word, a simple word at that!
 But as Kol sat on the rooftop, he wasn't sure what it meant any more. Everything was different. Everything had changed. It wasn't the simple fact he'd been stuck in constant darkness for the last couple of hundred years.. The darkness it had a way of growing on you. A way of making  you view the world differently.  A moment to appreciate a starlit sky, or the wind upon your face.
It was more, it was deeper.
Did he really know them any more. His family. They were after all, what home was meant to stand for. A wise man had once said, does anyone really know anybody else. It was words he'd never forgotten. He used to think he knew them. Growing up, he'd had his place, younger brother, older brother,  one of the kids in the middle! And it had suited him just fine. He'd been able to avoid their Father, Mikael's wraith. A wraith he had more often then not, saved for Niklaus.
He'd never been expected to set an example like Elijah, or step up to help support the family like Finn. He'd never been mollycoddled like their younger brother Henrik or bound to helping their Mother care for the family, like Rebekah.
He'd always been free to do just what he had pleased.
But all of that had changed, the moment he had felt death for the first time. That was when the meaning of home had changed forever.
Home was meant to be a safe place. A place where you were free, to be yourself. Where you were accepted for just that.  It hadn't been the case for his siblings or him. The looks, they'd come almost instantly. The fear in the other villagers eyes. He hadn't minded that, it had somehow made him feel important. Like he was being noticed for the first time.
It was the repulsion in their Mother and Father's eyes that had stung. The whispered arguments he had heard them having when they thought he or any of his other siblings wasn't around to hear.
It was their fault. Everything was their fault! Their father had killed them! And his Mother, even though she had brought them back...She had allowed it!
He'd had no choice. None of them had. But they had, with their betrayal!
Silently Kol laid back upon the shingled roof. How long had it been this time since Niklaus un-daggered him? Two hours? Three? He could feel the anger, the hurt swelling in his heart at the thought. And he knew it stemmed from his feeling of being incredibly alone.
It didn't matter that he'd woke surrounded by his brothers and sister. It didn't matter that his Mother had someone returned from the dead either.
It hurt that they were all meant to play pretend happy family's again!
It hurt that Niklaus had daggered him in the first place and left him to rot in darkness with only his own demons for the last couple of centuries! Was he that expendable? That much of a threat! Was his brother that scared of betrayal?
That scared he would betray his own family?
And his Mother!
She might have fooled the others. But not him.
He'd watched her eyes as she'd spoken her wishes to them all; and he knew the look mirrored well within them. He'd seen each of his siblings use the same look. He'd even used it himself before.  It was a calculated look. Tell them only what they want to hear. Not what they need to know.
Home was meant to be somewhere, where you could trust the people around you. This, whatever this was...  It wasn't! But he could play this game!
Let them all have their own agender. He'd have his too! He'd play along with their games, ever the duty bound brother and son, but he'd have his own fun along the way.
He'd find that bloody dagger and every other dagger Niklaus had hid! There was no way he was going back in that box for another couple of hundred years! He'd rather die then face those demons again; the gnawing emptiness and overwhelming sadness.
He hadn't realised it. But at some point, when he was lost in his own thoughts; the first rays of dawn had broken across the night sky and he couldn't remember it ever being so beautiful! Slowly Kol rose to crouch upon the roof.
The way the sun shimmered across the tree tops casting the shadows into black. It felt like it was the first time, his eyes were truly open. That this time, just like the new dawn, he was going to be different. It was his life! His moments to have. His moment to figure out his place within his family.
His time to find his true home!



Posted on Aug 25th 2020 - 8:55 AM

Noble nightingale


Feeling: home

It had been a rough few months for the girl. She wasn't dealing with the normal,run of the mill, teenaged angst but rather, she was dealing with death and her own rebirth. She had taken her last precious breaths as a human in the arms of her sire, whom she had come to know as her adoptive father, and her new life as a vampire had begun. Everything was rocky; every emotion was heightened, every sensation rippled through her petite frame and every thought went from a whisper to a scream in her head. The need to feed and the aversion to sunlight were just the icing on the cake. Thankfully, she had a lovely daylight ring which allowed her to live somewhat normally.

But, today was different. Today..something felt different. It felt...warm. It felt calm. And she felt content. Form had been perched in the window, sherpa blanket draped over her legs and eyes cast towards the outside to watch the falling snow. It was fairly early in the afternoon, just a little after two. She could hear the chuckles of light hearted banter drifting into the living room from the kitchen. A smile tugged at her lips as she leaned her head against the window. The cold turning her cheek a soft shade of carnation. 

"Ace, did you want some cider? You look like you could use some." Damon's velvet tones drew her attention from the window and she smiled up at him, a nod quickly giving him an answer. "Yes please. With a cinnamon stick?" Damon gave her a wink and slowly revealed the mug he had hidden behind his back. "How did you know that is how i like it?" He arched a brow and leaned down to kiss her forehead. "You're half mine. A dad knows these things...and Elijah may have reminded me about the stick." They chuckled for a moment before Damon retreated to the couch and Elijah joined him. 

As she took a sip and looked around the room, crystalline liquid slipped from her honey browns. A hand quickly brought slender digits up to wipe the evidence away. Elijah sat up and cadt a worried glance her way. 

"Acelynn? What's wrong? Something upsetting you? " Ace felt almost guilty for worrying them. She could see the concern in their eyes and the sudden shift of energy in the room. She shook her head and set her mug down beside her. Between the fresh christmas tree, the decorations, her stocking hung with theirs and the love they had given her over the last few months, it had all been enough to break her stubborn exterior and reveal her soft underbelly of tender emotions. 

"No, no..nothing...its just...I finally feel like...I'm home. Like this is how my life should have always been. Loving parents, a warm home...its like a storybook picture....I..Im home"

Before the last words fell from her lips, she was embraced tightly by them both. Tears falling freely as a sense of relief washed over her. She was home. She had a family. A place to call home for the first time in her life. She was safe. She was wanted. She had a family. And never again would she be given up on. She couldn't remember ever feeling like she was safe, wanted or cared for until they took a chance on her. 

This was more than her head knew to do with but she didn't want to trade it for the world. She was not afraid to lower her walls. She knew they wouldn't let her fall.

Posted on Aug 22nd 2020 - 2:32 AM

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