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September 27th, 2020

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August 19, 2019


08/03/2020 07:20 PM 

Would You Rather Storyboard - Muesday Tuesday

Dinner will always be my choice, Chinese take out is to die for. Workout clothes because in all honestly they make some nice ass daily attire in work out clothes for men and women. Id rather not do squats in a 500$ suit. Bed, Bed, Bed, and bed. Always chose bed, Its so f***ign comfortable. If I could work from home and live in my ned and function I would. Vacation, Something about traveling relaxes me. Being in a place thats new and different. Its unreal. Cellphone hands down, has all the abilities of a laptop but better in a small compact form anyways. Music, Movies are too boring and constantly dragging, but music can set a whole mood and change a setting, its a vibe its real. Further inland, Like waaaaay further inland, as much as I love the beach I enjoy the seclusivety of a good cabin in the woods. Its also romantic. Dog, I like cats and all but this little pupper max has caught my heart. Love, Money can only supplement companionship for so long. But love having the right person makes it all the more better. Decisions in life and happimess.


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