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versace nights. (drabble @brokenasylum)


@brokenasylum /1257638-

014. buffy sees izzy all dressed up.

"Buffy... I don't think this'll look good on me..." Izzy spoke from behind the changing room door.

It was Friday and Buffy had decided that she'd take her new friend Izzy on a girls night out. For Buffy Summers, this included a whole day full of spas, mani's and pedi's, hair, make-up, and shopping for new outfits. They had to look like the hottest girls at The Bronze, they had to turn heads when they walked in through the doors. That's how you usually got free drinks from the hot college guys.

"Nonsense! I bet it looks great!" Buffy responded, as she stood before a mirror trying on a pair of Versace sun glasses that she had picked up. She modeled before the mirror, flipping her freshly blown out hair, puckering her soft pink glossy lips. Did the sunglasses go with her outfit? She took them off, she put them back on. It's not like she needed them, exactly... it would be dark soon, but Buffy liked to accessorize nonetheless, and like, they were really pretty. She couldn't just leave them behind!

"Did you even see the price on this thing, B? It's crazy expensive... I already feel like you've done enough for me all day... I appreciate it, but you don't have to..." Izzy spoke again, her voice trailing off.

She liked Buffy, and she knew that she was just trying to be nice to her, but Izzy felt kinda guilty about letting her drop so much cash on her. Maybe it was because she wasn't exactly used to having friends like that? Maybe because she wasn't used to such acts of kindness? Izzy knew practically nothing about designer brand fashion, and she barely spent that much time on her image. She was a simple girl, you know? Still attractive, but in that rough around the edges type of way. Her clothing weren't rags, but they didn't cost six-hundred dollars either. Izzy had never even dreamed about herself slipping into a Versace leather mini-dress, but here she was... at the mall, staring at herself in the mirror, wearing one - her dark brown hair styled in soft curls, her eyes sultry, dark and smokey, her full pouts a deep red that matched the nail polish on her freshly painted nails.

Izzy would be lying if she said she didn't like the way she looked. She felt really beautiful, really sexy, in a different way from her usual style. Buffy did a good job at picking out a complete look that still catered to her darker aesthetics. So Izzy still felt comfortable with her looks, even though she was trying out new things with them.

"No, duh. It's Versace, of course it's gonna be expensive, Izzy." Buffy said, placing her hand onto her hip and smiling at her own reflection. There was a theme tonight, and it was Versace - Buffy's dress was a silver little satin piece, flowy, yet hugging at all the right places, falling perfectly right above her knees. "I know I don't have to, but I want to. You're my friend, and honestly, it's the least I could do. You're always helping me patrol, or filling in for me whenever I'm busy with... other... things." Buffy shifted her eyes.

She totally wasn't talking about sneaking off to go see Spike or anything.

Nope. Not at all.

"And you train with me whenever I need some tension releasing." She continued, finally moving away from the mirror and heading towards Izzy's changing room. "I know you never did those things with the intention of getting something in return, but..." Buffy shrugged, "consider this a gift. You can't so no to a gift, Izz. It's, like, totally rude." Her tone was playful and adorned with a soft giggle.

Izzy snickered from behind the changing room door and playfully rolled her eyes. "Fine... you got me. Smooth move, B." Izzy smirked. "Got me feeling all sentimental, pretty gross actually." She joked with a chuckle.

Buffy grinned. "Good, now, can you come out of hiding already so I could see how fabulous you look? I'm dying from the suspense!"

"Okay, okay! I'm comin'..."

Buffy stood back, watching in anticipation and excitement as the door to the changing room began to crack open, until finally, Izzy was stepping out, dressed up from head to toe... the whole shebang.

"So?" Asked Izzy, staring up at Buffy with a smirk on her face.

Buffy's mouth hung ajar for a moment, and she blinked, simply staring at Izzy for a moment; taking in every single detail. Buffy had never seen her all dressed up like this. In fact, Buffy wasn't even sure that she would've been able to convince her to have this girly day with her, but she was glad that she did.

Izzy looked beautiful.

"Woah..." Came Buffy's response. "You're like, gorgeous."

Izzy's cheeks flushed and she flashed Buffy an awkward little grin. "Oh... jeez, B! Stop it! Really... I mean, look at you." Izzy's hand motioned to all of her. "Talk about gorgeous."

It was Buffy's turn to blush lightly now; her fingers running through her hair out of habit. She walked over to Izzy then, standing before her and placing her hands on her bare shoulders. Buffy smiled brightly, "I'm totally glad you agreed to do this, Iz." Her hands slipped down Izzy's arms, and her right hand interlocked fingers with Izzy's hand.

Buffy tugged gently, "come on, everything's paid for already. We've got a club to go to and boys to drive wild!" She giggled, pulling Izzy along with her as they walked out of the store looking as fierce as ever, Versace bags holding their old clothes within. They'll just make a quick stop at home and drop those off before heading to The Bronze - luckily, Izzy knew how to drive, otherwise, they'd be out of luck because Buffy was a horrible driver and never could get herself a license to own a vehicle.

"Buff...? Thanks for everything." Izzy uttered as they walked alongside each other, still holdings hands.

"Sure thing! What are friends for?" Buffy smiled.

"Friends. I like that." Izzy squeezed gently upon Buffy's hand, smiling contently.


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