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doing it for the buffalo wings. (drabble @versifier)


@versifier /1570287-

013. spike and buffy get mistaken for a couple by someone else.

febuary fourteen - valentine's day.

It was Valentine's Day and Buffy had managed to be dateless on a day like today. No one asked her to the school dance, well, because by now a lot of the boys were weary of her. Sure, she was pretty, and all that, but was she worth the trouble that came along with dating her? Not to mention that recently, all the boys who had happened to ask Buffy out on dates always ended up mysteriously disappearing and never being heard from again. She wasn't the only pretty girl in Sunnydale High, so it's not like any of the boys had to be forced into picking her. They could choose plenty of other girls that were free of Buffy problems. Was it frustrating for Buffy to feel like she had to struggle in her high school life to land herself a normal date to the very normal high school Valentine's Day dance? Yes, yes it was.

Did she enjoy having this reputation of 'cursed' because all of her dates kept disappearing and some of them would show up dead? Of course not. It wasn't fair! Why did she keep trying to be a normal high school girl? She was determined and stubborn, that's why! But none of this mattered now... everyone was at the dance... and she had the option to just go with her friends - Xander and Willow, but she just wanted an actual date, was that so hard to ask? Why! Back in Los Angeles, she had boys lined up at her door to date her! Finding a date was never this hard. Not for Buffy Summers. But, it was a different story for Buffy Summers the Vampire Slayer. Sunnydale Buffy. It was either they survived being her boyfriend and they'd end up breaking it off because they thought she was a bit weird, or they'd end up dead... and sometimes actually being the undead and then she'd have to stake them. Very romantic (sarcasm).

She didn't want to sound ungrateful or anything, but chocolate hearts from Willow, her mom, and Xander? God... did she feel like a loser.

Buffy frowned and furrowed her brows at her frustrating thoughts. Here she was, Valentine's Day, dateless, looking all cute, just to go to the mall and shop her feelings away. That's all she needed. Some new pretty new clothes and shoes and accessories. Maybe, for all she knew, she might even bump into a cute boy at the mall! Hopefully someone new and not anyone who would know her like that so that they wouldn't initially judge her.

However... something felt sort of off to Buffy. She kept looking over her shoulder as she walked down the dark streets. It's not like she was alone or anything, there was people out and about, celebrating Valentine's Day, but she felt weird... as if someone... or something was following her, watching her...

What it was? She couldn't exactly tell, but the energy around her felt a little off. Buffy picked up the pace, she could see the mall off in the distance, not too far away from her. She slipped herself through a few groups of people, hoping to lose whatever was following her, or at least confuse it so that she could gain the upper hand. She opened her blue Dolce and Gabbana purse and grabbed the stake that she kept hidden safely inside. Buffy knew better than to be caught without a means of protection, no matter what she was doing. She was quick, making a sharp left to hide behind a concrete pillar by the front entrance to the mall. Buffy listened closely, quick footsteps were coming her way, stopping right near to where she had hidden. They were following her. They were looking for her.

She didn't give it too much thought before she was jumping out from behind the pillar, smacking her purse as hard as she could right into the stalker's face, but before she could make any other move, the voice that came from the mysterious follower was actually pretty familiar to her ears, causing her to cease any further attack.

"Bloody hell, woman! Are you insane?!" Spike exclaimed, his hand grabbing onto his nose before checking to see if he was bleeding. He wasn't, surprisingly, with how hard Buffy had hit him with her designer bag.

"Spike?! Of course, why am I not surprised? Why are you following me?" Buffy asked, brows knitted in confusion, annoyance on her voice.

Spike looked at her in disbelief before scoffing, "Following you? You know, you're not the only one allowed to go to the mall. You don't own it, Slayer. Besides, what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be at some corny school dance in the arms of some pansy? Or did you forget that it was Valentine's Day?"

Was Spike lying about not following her? Of course he was, but she didn't need to know that. Was he actually concerned about the fact that it was Valentine's Day and Buffy was all by herself and not at the school dance with some guy? No. Not at all. In fact, it made him feel good that she was here, by herself. This wasn't exactly the way he planned on 'bumping' into her, but here they were.

Buffy glared at him, eyes narrowed. She rolled her eyes at his words, before folding her arms against her chest, cocking her hip to the right. "Of course I didn't forget. I just I didn't feel like going." She lied, "as for what I'm doing here? It's none of your business. The true question is what are you doing here, Spike?"

Spike's brow rose. "Oh, so I've got to tell you, but when I ask, it's none of my business? You're rich, luv."

Buffy was rolling her eyes at him again, "Whatever. It doesn't matter. I really don't care. I'm wasting valuable shopping time right now. Goodbye, Spike. And don't follow me." She said, making sure to bump him with her shoulder on her way past him.

Spike took the bump and watched her as she walked on by, amusement etched upon his face; eyes trailing down her body, making sure to get a nice look at her butt in that pretty little sundress that she was wearing. Then he was following her again, and Buffy stopped right in front of the sliding doors to yell at him once more about the fact that he was still there, right behind her, even though she had told him not to follow her anymore.

"You need to quit following me!"

"I will once we both get into the mall, you dope! Do you expect me to take another entrance?"

God! Spike frustrated her to no end. What was he doing here in the mall anyways? Did he even like malls? Was she going to be forced to watch him now? Make sure that he wasn't here to cause some trouble? Usually that was the case. Oh! Buffy totally knew that he was here to cause trouble! Probably looking for a bite to eat, a pretty girl, no doubt... or maybe one of those stupid looking mall goths that he seemed to pick up so much. You know, the ones that looked like they jumped into a Hot Topic dumpster and came out wearing whatever got stuck to them? Buffy grumbled under her breath, the sudden pang of jealousy had seemed to hit her at the very thought, but she tried her best to push the feeling down. It was already frustrating enough for Buffy that it was Valentine's Day, and she was all alone at a mall, without having to deal with Spike's presence too.

There was an exaspareted sigh from Buffy as she stomped into the mall with Spike beside her.

... He didn't even have a Valentine's Day gift for her. No flower, not stupid poem... no... chocolate heart. I mean, she'd totally not want any of these things... but...

Wait... did Spike just call her a dope?

"Congratulations! You two are our hundredth couple to walk in!" The very cheery voice of a woman knocked Buffy straight out of her thoughts. She was smiling brightly and wide at both Buffy and Spike who were both standing wide-eyed before her, extremely confused.

"Huh? Oh... no, we're not a-!" Buffy didn't even get to finish her sentence before the woman spoke again.

"It's a Valentine's Day promotion we're doing for Buffalo Wild Wings, and you two are the lucky winners!"

"But we're not..." Buffy sputtered again.

"You win this gift card that covers dinner for two!" The woman handed the gift card to Spike, who inspected it.


"Hm, dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings? How lucky are we, honey?" Spike flashed Buffy a cheeky grin.

Buffy was standing there, cheeks red with embarrassment, her face contorted in so much frustration that Spike thought it was actually adorable to see.

"Now stand together for this instant photo for memories!" The woman was pushing them together now, so very close. Buffy awkwardly shuffled sideways until she was standing near Spike, and Spike well... Spike being Spike really reveled in the moment. His arm wrapped around her shoulder and pulled a blushing Buffy into his arms, grinning for the camera. Buffy was caught with a frown on her face, looking as confused as ever.

"Enjoy! You cute couple!" The woman called out once the whole thing was over, outstretching her arm to hand Buffy the polaroid photo that she had just took of them.

Buffy literally snatched it from her grip and walked away as quickly as possible, not stopping until she had reached the nearest table in the food court. Spike gave a nod to the cheerful woman as a silent thanks, and went off following Buffy, not exactly in as much of a rush as she was. Her eyes focused on the polaroid that the woman had given to her as it began to develop. "Not the most flattering picture..." Buffy groaned, brows knitted.

"Maybe try to look a little less confused and a bit more smiley next time?" Spike spoke.

Buffy glared.

"Kidding. I think you look fine with your blushing cheeks and all." He stepped closer to look down at the photo in her hand.

And now she was blushing again. Stupid Spike with his stupid nice compliments. "Shut up, Spike."

Spike smirked, raising his brows. "Right, well... now that that's over, I should probably go do what I was going to do here at the mall and stop cutting into your valuable shopping time." He handed her the gift card, "You can have this, I'll just go find myself a good bite in here somewhere."

"And I'm gonna pretend you didn't say that last part 'cause I too want to go do what I came here to do away from you." Buffy responded.

"Hm. Yeah. See you around then, Slayer."


And then, they split.

But, suddenly... Buffy was feeling bad. I mean... honestly... it wasn't really like she was here for anything in particular... she was just looking for a distraction. And well... Spike was here... and she didn't entirely despise him... and it was Valentine's Day... and they weren't a couple, but they did do a lot of couple things, right? And, hey! He liked buffalo wings! If she invited him to share this gift card with her, then she'd technically be doing her Slayery job, right? Watching the bad vampire and keeping him from eating innocent civilians? That was the excuse she was gonna use for herself. That's it. It was absolutely nothing else.

"Ugh... Spike! Wait!" She called out, turning to run towards his direction.

Spike stopped, staring at her with a perked brow.

"The gift card is for two... and I'm... well... I'm one person." Wow, Buffy, really? That's pretty obvious. Her eyes shifted, and she ran her fingers through her hair, flipping it out of habit. "I just mean... I know you like buffalo wings, so like, it makes sense if you're the one who comes with me. Like, we both won it."

"Why, Buffy, are you asking me out on a date?" Spike asked in mock surprise, he loved messing around with her.

Buffy rolled her eyes for the third time in the night. "Look, don't make this a thing. I'm just doing what makes sense." That wasn't entirely true, but he didn't need to know that. Good thing he couldn't read her mind... even though sometimes Buffy felt like he totally could.

Spike stared at her for a moment, eyes narrowed. "Mhm..."

"So?" Buffy's tone held sassiness within it now.

"Sure. I don't say no to free food." He shrugged his shoulders, "so I guess I won't be needing this chocolate heart anymore then." Spike said, pulling out a small red heart-shaped box from underneath his trench coat. "Here, you can have it. I planned on using it to woo myself a victim, but with you around, I find that being very unlikely." He continued, handing the heart- shaped box to Buffy.

Buffy took it, looking down at it for a moment, before turning her attention back to Spike. "You planned on woo-ing your victim with a V-Day heart box full of my favorite type of chocolates?" Her brow was raised.

"Oh, look at that, it's a box full of Ferrero Rocher. I didn't even know that's what I picked up. It's your lucky day, Slayer." Did he plan on giving her this box since the start? Yeah. Yeah, he did. Spike was very savvy to the pattern their relationship went in. The ups and downs, the mixed signals. The 'go away's' that were actually never meant. Everything played out exactly how he figured it would. Minus the whole couple fiasco that happened a bit ago. That was just an added surprise that worked in his favor. Good for him.

Buffy stared at him, raising both her brows and nodding her head. "Ahuh." Did she believe that it was just a weird coincidence? No. It was never a coincidence with Spike. He always paid attention to the things that she liked - he was here because he was following her, the heart was full of her favorite candies because he bought it with her in mind. He wasn't here for anything at all, he was here because Buffy was here. The annoyance and frustration that she was feeling earlier were now subsiding and being replaced by other emotions. The ones that she usually attempted to fight so hard around Spike - only to end up losing the battle and giving in... like she was doing now.

Buffy smiled softly. "I guess you're right... It's my lucky day. Now, I don't know about you, but I'm starving. Come on..." She reached for his hand, her fingers entwining between his own, tugging him along with her. "We've gotta be a couple... for Buffalo Wild Wings..." Buffy shifted her eyes as they walked next to each other, hand-in-hand, towards the direction of the restaurant.

"Hm." Came Spike's simple response.

Buffy licked her lips and gazed up at him. She took in a deep breath and sighed softly before speaking, "Spike?"


Buffy stopped them from walking, tugging him down a bit by the hand that she was holding, and pushing herself up onto the tips of her toes to press a soft kiss to his cheek. "Happy Valentine's Day..." She uttered.

Spike watched her for a moment; Buffy, forever taking him on a rollercoaster ride... but it wasn't like he wanted to get off anytime soon. Maybe he was just a masochist? But, there was something about this ride that he couldn't get enough of - no matter how crazy it was. Spike's lips curled into a smirk, turning his body to face her for a moment. "Happy Valentine's Day, pet." He grabbed her chin and pressed a proper kiss to her berry colored pouts.

Buffy didn't protest. Instead, her eyes fell shut for a moment and she welcomed the kiss. Teeth biting her bottom pout when he pulled away, gaze all dreamy and dazed. She smiled softly and found herself moving closer to him, head resting against his arm as they resumed walking side by side, hands interlocked, both looking very smitten with each other.

Like the couple that they totally weren't .


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