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August 12th, 2020

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Gender: Male

Age: 27
Country: Italy

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June 20, 2019



08/02/2020 05:11 PM 

choices moodboard


If you give me the choice between breakfast lunch and dinner it will always be dinner. You get all the good stuff for dinner and well deserts too ;) If I had to choose any clothing it would be PJ's because I can stay in my stitch footies all day every day. All-day in bed or work? Well, shocker, I love to f***ing dance and I don't care if I have to show my tits or ass in the process I will choose work. Vacation all the way. I  love to travel and have fun so why not live my life as best as I can. be young wild and free? Phone or laptop? Phone I need it more for work than I need my laptop. My soul is and always will be music and dance. The way I feel when I hear a song and begin to dance, even by myself is something no one will ever understand. Oh always hands down living on the beach. I am way too much of a beach lover to live anywhere else. Obviously a  dog person, 100% a dog person... To be honest I hate cats. The last one is way more complicated but I can get money all I want where I work or randomly flashing a tit on the sidewalk. To answer the question id choose love. I made the mistake of not choosing it once and I have regretted it every single day since. If only love was something I could have that would make choosing it all the better. 


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