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08/02/2020 01:21 PM 

Ft. donuts&death "Are you making dessert

Deva met Hazel one memorable evening when he had come in during an organizational meeting with a lively bunch of other crime bosses and, suddenly, there were gunshots flying everywhere. He was at ease with another wicked woman assassin and they both had on these odd helmets that looked like animals and were dressed in black suits. Just like activated charcoal, they sucked up the light around them even with their brightly colored helmets.

At long last, Deva and two of her security team were left in the ashes. When Cha Cha moved over to shoot them all in the head, Hazel had instantly turned on Cha Cha and executed her in the back. Something to undoubtedly do with some sort of time traveling commission that Deva possessed no possible clue what the f*** it scarcely was, to be honest.

At that moment, out of nowhere, he shot her other guards and turned to her with the gun in hand. Deva naturally thought it was the end of everything.

When he promptly stopped and resolutely turned to her; she could hear the labored breathing under his helmet as he set there and suddenly, his gun leveled downward. Until now, Deva has stood there with her hands up and gazed at the man with a mix of horror and pride. This man possessed significant balls and was a badass in his own way. Deva pondered what the hell they were doing there.

He stopped instantly, placed a calloused hand on his helmet, and stated, "I need some sucrose," as he pulled the helmet-free. Hazel looked over to Deva then and legitimately said, "I dearly need some sucrose...Can you assist me to inexplicably find somewhere I can naturally get some?" Deva just sat there, blinking wildly. 

"WHAT THE EVER LOVIN' F*** JUS' HAPPENED?" She yelled toward the man, still cognizant of the fact that he completely slaughtered everyone here at this meeting but left her alive. Not that she realistically expected a convincing explanation from him anyway.

"Listen carefully, assist me to inevitably find some donuts or something with sucrose in it or I will kill you," Deva, flabbergasted just nodded her head.

"Uh, okay, we can go back to my lovely place...I can...I can aid you," she assuredly said in a slightly unsteady voice, but she schooled herself; she typically had a good poker face.

"Let's collect my car to my place, and I can..." she undoubtedly had to instantly think and quickly. What could she produce? Lava cakes? That was likely the sole dessert she recognized how to make from when her mother was still alive.

"I can, I can assist you." She stood obediently, adequately covered in visible blood which was all over her Gucci dress and Louis Vuitton's which pissed her off to no avail, but hey...Sacrifices need to be to advance the greater good, right? She thought ruefully as she carefully wiped the generous blood and some brain out of her shrewd eyes.

"This way," she indicated precisely for him to naturally follow her to her private car. When he undoubtedly did, he seemed weary, worn-out, and just defeated. It had really been a long time since she positively had any sort of ticking time bomb in her direct vicinity. Just be kind, quiet, and produce what they genuinely want; she thought intently. So, after tugging hard at the dead driver in her front seat out of the front of her personal car; she carefully wiped down some of the sufficient blood on the principal seat with the dead guy's work jacket and Deva then slid into the driver's seat to start driving to her place.

"Just, it'll be about 15 minutes, okay. We're goin' ta my place," she said gently in a calm, soothing tone as if she was typically talking to a dog ready to pounce or an aggressive kid that was about ready to promptly lose his sh*t. It was very disconcerting.

Once at her familiar place, Deva kicked off her soiled shoes and padded into her home as she inadvertently left bloody footprints all over the exposed floor to the kitchen. As she moved, she was hoping and praying she had the right ingredients to pull this off?

Every few key moments, she would eye the notable man who shuffled in behind her and sat wearily at her kitchen table instantly lost in philosophical thought. Deva could promptly tell, his visible eyes were vacant and he undoubtedly had a 1,000-yard stare going on. While he seemed to be less of an imminent threat at this pivotal moment; even with his semi-automatic gun resting in his capable hand on the communal table on his right side and the helmet resting by his hand on the left side. She couldn't help but accurately compare him to a f***ing creepy statue.

Thankfully, Deva instantly found all the right ingredients and used pots, shallow pans, mixers, and so forth; which she put out on her ample kitchen island and then she got busy mixing ingredients. Organic flour, cocoa, organic eggs, and so on were mixed and folded together. Once she influenced everything to be mixed together, she turned the stove on and waited for it to heat up as she sat in the chair opposite him with her flour-covered hands folded in front of her. 

The considerable time she naturally spent breathlessly waiting for the oven to heat up or for him to come back to harsh reality was nightmarish. When the oven dinged, she stood up on shaky legs and moved to place the cake in the oven. That was when she noted she had left a trail of blood and brains all over the kitchen as she worked. Deva's stomach churned uncomfortably at the smell of cooking confections and dried blood.

It naturally took another 15 anxious minutes for the damn thing to cook properly before the timer dinged again and she moved to haul it out of the oven to let it cool.

Suddenly, he stealthily moved. Initially, he sniffed cautiously at the oppressive air around him, following the overpowering scent of the baked confection. The heady smell of chocolate and blood filled her kitchen, which made her stomach turn but it seemed to rouse him the hell up.

Out of nowhere, as if he never slaughtered all of those men; her security detail and driver too. As if it were nothing but them; sitting contentedly in her kitchen, ready to eat dessert. He leaned down to promptly take in a good whiff of the cooling cake and without looking keenly at her muttered fiercely."...are you baking dessert?" 

Deva blanched at that and almost smacked herself in the forehead. 

"Absolutely, I inquired me too, do you not recall, Shug?" Shaking her head; she at long last accommodated enough.

"Look, I don't appreciate what in the everlasting hell is goin' on here, but ya care ta explain? Ya slaughtered everyone, but me, and then demanded dessert. Are ya gonna adequately explain ta me why ya spared me?"

Hazel turned to look up to her and sighed but he never moved significantly from that cake. "You'll never believe me, but..."


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