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08/01/2020 11:17 PM 

Ft. Corrupt Det."Askin' the wrong kinda

Deva observed him with curiosity. He seemed a bit nervous by the tics he showed on his features though he tried to come across as calm, cool, and collected. Deva had to admire that about him.

"I see Shug. So, you gathered a bunch a men of import an' quality to please. That ain't easy work and it is good ta know your target audience. In my work, we employ women of many different sizes, races, creeds, and abilities. All my girls are checked weekly for illness as well as regular checkups. Every one of them receives a clean bill o' health," she stated as she took a measured sip of her drink and smiled at him.

"I hope ya don' mind it, Shug; all my girls that go on outcalls are provided with a security detail in case somethin' goes sideways or needs ta be," she put her drink down and leaned forward. Her smile went away, and she fixed him with a shrewd gaze. "...cleaned up. Things happen, messes are made an' I like to keep things runnin' as smooth as possible; iffen ya catch my meanin'?"

Presently he was asking questions that no man or woman looking to seek her business should ask but Deva kept up her poker face. "Doll, those are trade secrets you are lookin' ta decipher an' I don't share 'em with anyone," she sat back and finished her joint before stubbing it out. Then she canted her head and gave her a scrupulous smile.
"Iffen I tell ya, then I surrender some of my power. I.Never.Share. My. Power!" Her words held an aggressive tone even though she was smiling at him.

When he asked to see the merchandise, Deva winked and nodded. "Naturally, Shug. We want ya ta be happy with your purchases for the evenin'. I sell faulty merchandise an' that looks bad on my business," she then went to stand.  
Deva had on a clingy, blue leather dress with stiletto Louis Vuitton's with a silver spiked heel and her mane of auburn, waist-length hair was draped over her right shoulder in soft waves. 

 As she stood, she indicated for him to stand, and when he did; Deva would put a comforting hand on the small of his back. He smelled like all man. Soap, sweat, and something all together masculine; it was a heady mix. Now that they were standing so close; he could enjoy the scent of her perfume which was a mix of orange, vetiver, and cinnamon. 
"Let's get ya situated in our viewing room," she said with an amiable smile. "What kinda drink do ya like? We can bring ya some as ya relax and look over the girls," she said softly. Her tone was very gentle with a hint of sensuality to it.

When he asked about the more juvenile girls, Deva bristled and delivered a look to him even though she was smiling. "We do not employ girls under the age of 18, Shug. Period. I'd appreciate iffen ya kept your eyes offa them. They are merely here as my assistants an' nothin' more," she stated firmly and intently.

Deva canted her head and nodded. "'Course ya can, Shug. Ya pay ta play an' that means ya get what'cha need an' if that means tasting the merchandise...That is your business," she said softly as she guided him down a flight of stairs, through a throng of people being served drinks or getting lap dances and in toward the back to the Champagne and the viewing rooms. "Completely relax, you're in good hands," she cooed. Her voice was now all syrup and honey, calm and gentle to lull him into a sense of comfort and security.


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