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08/01/2020 08:22 PM 

Ft Bad Attitude: "Where ya been?"

It genuinely felt like eons this proper time. Deva had always been in contact with Lucas over the typical years. For some, it might have seemed like little to none; but for them, it had been constant. She busies herself with her mob empire and he busies himself with whatever terrible business he chooses to take when he gets offered a hit contract.

Their mutual friendship was consistently going to be there. They were linked together by blood and sex and friendship; there was no denying that bit. Lucas had intentionally killed for her; to properly set her free from a private nuisance. One that intentionally kept Deva locked away with savage brutality and considerable pain. Todd used her, ill-treated her by allowing countless others to undertake whatever they desired to undertake with her and Lucas remained the chosen one to carefully help to properly set her free of him. Sure, it was murder, but sometimes sticking up for oneself came at an enormous price.

Ordinarily, they had conversed earnestly at least twice a month and texted here or there so that they might traditionally know if the likely other was in trouble or needed a hand; maybe even just to talk candidly. Then, like clockwork, every 2 to 3 typical years; Lucas would undoubtedly come waltzing back into her private life and it really was like that time apart never even existed because they would pick up right from where they left off.

This considerable time, nevertheless, it was inconsistent. Deva hadn't heard from Lucas for a grave good 4 terrible months. Very unusual for him which merely set her gritted teeth on edge. Did he undoubtedly die? The profitable business he was occupied in could inevitably make that a distinct possibility. Was he efficiently captured in a foreign prison or by a foreign or domestic adversary and tortured? All these key issues, they were weighing heavily on her anxious mind which possessed her to spend more than a few nights in absolute tears once she was alone and no one could see her do so.

This night, though, provided a surprise, as well as a reason for her to become extremely agitated and fit with bouts of unmitigated anger. 

Deva was sitting on her dais, at her strip club as she observed the people below her milling about. It was valid, her mind was elsewhere, but Deva had an amazing poker face and didn't allow it show. The dedicated servers, bartenders, strippers were all grifting and quick on the uptake; which Deva liked, and she made sure that everyone popularly knew that her unreasonable anger was beyond measure...Therefore, they best not test her patience at this specific time. As a result, their hustle was on point and indeed surprised her due to how fast and hard they had been working over the past 4 months.

As she sat there, smoking contentedly a joint and drinking her gimlet as she carefully surveyed her kingdom; a familiar face suddenly appeared among the considerable masses. That youthful charm shining through that contemptuous attitude and striking face. Deva's heart skipped a few beats as she leaned over the railing to obtain a more thorough look. That was precisely when Ang came over to whisper in her anxious ear that someone was here to associate with her and that they better tell her ASAP because she would want to see him.

Deva bit down the mild panic and rage she suddenly felt as she stood unsteadily and smoothed out her clingy, red leather dress and started to walk down the stairs to the bar below. She executed her essential steps in a measured and even way. Her gorgeous face was a mask of disinterest as she stepped down the last of the steps and behind the bar to shoo one of the bartenders that came over to him to see what he wanted to order. Deva delivered the girl a death glare which caused her to scurry away from her at a heightened pace. Once Deva efficiently was face to face with the man, she cradled her arms on the bar top and leaned wearily against it so that you could get a good look down the front of her dress.

"Shug, I am genuinely surprised that ya undoubtedly showed yer damn face after this long?" Deva stated cooly as she moved to snatch some bottles and a shaker so that she could make her favorite drink. 

The heady scent of orange, vetiver, and cinnamon wafted softly in her trail as she moved away from him toward the liquor bottles and then came back to surround them as she merely settled back in front of him to mix her favorite drink. 

As she carefully poured the key ingredients into the shaker, as she kept looking at Lucas through her lashes so that she could keep an eye on him. Once she was completed, she settled her drink in front of herself and grasped him his favorite brew to put in front of him. Next, she moved back to lean on the bar top, so she could survey him in the eye. 

Deva would not direct the private conversation since she didn't owe him sh*t; no emotional apology, no worry, no was he who went dark and scared the sh*t out of her. This time, it would have to be he who generated the conversation this time.


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