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August 10th, 2020

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January 26, 2020



08/01/2020 07:59 PM 

The Guidelines

Coming from the one person that thinks rules are made to be broken... I felt like it was important to establish some guidelines to follow.
First and foremost, I'm the actual Damon Salvatore. Shocking, right? 
And if you believed that, you shouldn't be here. Toodles.


Have some, please. I do other things. I'm not here 24/7 even though it might be nice. I also take centuries to respond to discussions. Not because I don't like you but because it's in my opinion, tedious. Even though I love writing and want to write with as many people as possible, sometimes I just want to jump right into it and let our muses take action to see what happens.


Love it or hate it, I don't really care. But for the time being, this account is Multiship. What exactly does that mean? It means that I'll write out romantic storylines with multiple people, so please don't get attached to me. But no, this doesn't make me a whore. I just believe that all writers bring something different to the table. If you're taken, I'll respect that. I also like to communicate with my writing partners. But this is your disclaimer. I also prefer to write romance if we have a good, solid connection. Also, one of these days I might become a single ship writer. But someone would have to amaze me. Right now, I'm just here to have fun.


I'm a multipara writer that's striving to be novella. I enjoy writing. It's fun. It's a hobby. Of course I don't expect to write novels with people. But if I send you something that's a decent size and I get back two sentences, of course that isn't okay with me. But I also believe in quality over quantity. Always. I'm also new to writing this character and I want to do him justice, so doing replies might take longer than usual.


Nope, I don't have discord. I'd rather keep everything to the site Writing, banter, etc. Maybe one of these days I'll make one, but it's unlikely. 

That should be it for now. You don't have to sign, but you'd be even more awesome if you acknowledge that you've read these. Even provide a gif with your favorite TVD/TO/Legacies character. But if you did read this, thanks for taking the time.

-The writer behind Bourbon Blues

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Damon is my favorite TVD chara, Klaus is my favorite Original, and I've not yet watched Legacies... HOWEVER, I am looking for connects in the supernatural verse, if you would like to set something up?  I can send you my backstory VIA message if you want (I know it's not on my profile)

I also agree to all of this. Patience is a virture and quality over quantity for sure... but I, too have been stiffed on writing multipara/Novella content with tons of things for the other person to use to write a decent reply and wind up receiving one liner shit that was basically stating the same thing I just wrote. That wasn't okay with me. I know some times people can just get stuck... and I feel that on a whole other level, but if it gets to be too often, I get annoyed. I also cant stand when people only reiterate what you have written in their chara's POV and not provide anything else to their reply.

I also love writing and looking for people with good ideas to write with, becuase I'm tired of being the one to always come up with ideas (Not currently, but in the past I was the only creative one I was writing with for a while) 

Posted on Aug 4th 2020 - 3:09 AM

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