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08/01/2020 05:35 PM 

Fever day 1 For Whiskers

“Please, I’ll do anything.” Harlen to Miss Mabel.


Fast Forward a few days.

Mabel Gleeful was laying on Harlens bed, her face was buried into his pillow, her body was nude, for no other reason besides for her body turning into an oven. She had awakened during the early morning hours, feeling like complete sh*t. The fever hit her fast and out of nowhere, because earlier during the night she slept good for about two hours, and then she started twisting and turning in bed, not being able to feel comfortable. The Texan being a lion heard her, and whispered for her to try to get some more sleep. She thought her body was just restless, but soon after she knew something was wrong when she started feeling hot. With the fan not doing anything to cool her down, she had quickly tore the blanket off of her and Harlen, not caring where it ended up going. She knew the man hadn’t fallen back to sleep, how could he with all of her noise?

Mabel continued to twist around, trying to sleep, and decided to try ignoring the heat. Eventually it had gotten to be too much, when she just continued feeling hotter and hotter, so hot that if she was human she would have most likely died. And then the cramps came, cramps that were different from her female ones she had every month. These cramps were deathly. So she was feeling sick to death, exhausted physically and mentally, and of course the tears decided to come out and play, slipping down her face and she whimpered in pain.  “Harlen, it hurts so much.”She whimpered.

The male rolled over, and started stroking her back softly with his hand. “Shhh Darlin, I’m here. Let me just go get you a wet towel. I’ll be right back, Miss. Mabel.”He said, running off to get her a cold wet rag, once back he turned her body over so she was laying on her back, and placed one rag on her forhead, and the other he cleaned off her teary cheeks, and then stroked it down so that it was lying on her neck.

“Thank you, that feels nice, but I feel like I’m dying here, it’s not enough.”Mabel whispered. “Please take the pain away.”More tears slipped down her face.

“I’m sorry Miss. Mabel,  I can’t take your pain away, but I’ll be here to help you through this as best as I possiable can.”

Mabel curled up into a ball, whimpering, closing her eyes and staying silent, other then a few sounds of her pain and distress.

“Please, I’ll do anything else, Miss Mabel.”Harlen whispered, continuing to stroke the wet clothe onto her forehead. “I just can’t heal take your pain away.”

Mabel knew he had guilt and most likely hated himself for what was happening to her, and she was in too much pain right now to try to soothe his guilt, so Instead she whispered, “Can you sing to me?”


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