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I had this air conditioned nightmare, like that book you gave to me last summer that made me think that everything was so much worse than it really was. My heart is a troubled captain but let's not get caught up on the weather.


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August 14th, 2020

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March 03, 2018


08/01/2020 08:12 PM 

Flower Answers

IRIS, Asked by Aubree --- favorite 90s song? So many to choose choose. I would do anything for love. Meatloaf. I absolutely love the singer Meatloaf for his ability to sing. I think he's a jackass in his personal life but man can he belt out some power ballads. 

DELPHINIUM-- asked by johnny-- I am an Aquarius. In some ways I am a typical Aquarius. In other ways I am nothing like my sign. Being a pagan and spiritualist I know that we are ruled by 4 signs. Sun, moon, ascending and descending. I am a Aquarius with an Aries Moon, Taurus rising and descending. I am ruled more by earth and fire than my Air that stands out to others being Aquarius. 

RHODODENDRON --asked by Marlie-- My biggest fear is leaving this earth without making a difference in the life of at least one person. I try to be a good person and help every one I come in contact with. It's something I learned from my mother. I strive to be the change I want to see in the world. We always hold ourselves to the highest standards. I never think I am doing enough. 


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