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08/01/2020 01:06 AM 

AC 002

After taking the personality test, it was discovered that Xander is a Logician (INTP-A/INTP-T).

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.
The important thing is not to stop questioning.
Albert Einstein

Great analyst
Abstract thinker
Open Minded
Honest/straight forward

Absent Minded
Second guess themselves

Romantic Relationships
Relationships don’t usually come easy to logicians, they are shy and withdrawn individuals, they risk rejections and making themselves the center of attention. They tend to leave “breadcrumbs” for a potential partner, allowing them to make the first moves and commitment. Romantically they tend to show themselves to be excited, enthusiastic, they enjoy flirting with word play and intellectual games.

Logicians take their relationships seriously. They already find it challenging getting to know new people which makes them more aware of how important is is that they’re involved with someone but they prove themselves to be very loyal, even during the dating period. They are honest early on in relationships, they believe that sharing their mindset and understandings will help avoid conflict later on.

Some of their downfalls in relationships is them being bad at picking up on their emotional needs. Gifts, surprises, date nights, etc are unimportant to people with the Logician personality type, which can be an issue when their partner may very much need those things. They should keep this in mind and try to meet their partners halfway with communication; understanding partners will recognize and appreciate the gesture.

Xander has found himself in more flings and one night stands than in serious relationships. In his 25 years of life he has had two serious relationships. It’s hard for him to have find an emotional connection that fits the other person’s needs, which makes sense with the Logician personality. When trying to have a relationship, they seem to find Xander charming and love how loyal he will be even after just talking for a short period of time but once thy realize how detached he is from emotions, they aren’t interested in moving forward. He isn’t great at communicate feelings but he has tried but never has worked out in his favor. When he loves, he loves hard and he needs someone who will be patient with him.


Logician is picky when it comes to friendships, they are based on knowledge instead of gossip and talk about celebrities. They hate small talk and would rather have meaningful conversations, they get bored easily with mediocre topics. It is not easy for Logicians to make true friendship but when the do find friends, they never have to worry about Logicians power games or emotional baggage, their friends are like for their minds and abilities not status and possessions.

Xander hates small talk, he would rather talk about conspiracy theories and the meaning of life than talking about the weather. He has a few friends he keeps close and enjoys their company all the time but sometimes he feels like he is too much for them.


Xander is a very logical person, he hates small talk and would rather talk about his favorite conspiracy theories than what the Kardashians are up to. He finds himself being misunderstood a lot of the time and people get the wrong impression of him. Even if he doesn’t seem like it is he has a powerful intellect and a vivid imagination.


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