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August 15th, 2020

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Gender: Female

Age: 34
Country: United States

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December 27, 2017


07/31/2020 09:24 PM 

Canon audition form

Please read and sign rules prior to audition. If rules have not been signed correctly, audition will not be accepted until done.

What is Kaitlyn's favorite movie?:

Why do you want to join?:

Have you been in the group before? If so, as who?

Can you be on at least 2X a week?:

If you go on hiatus will you inform us?:

If you decide to leave will you inform us?:

Have you read the bio on our page? (If you have any questions on the bio please ask):

Do you have previous knowledge of the verse that you are auditioning for?:

Character details: 

Character Name:


Occupation: (ex: student, or just any type of job)

3 Secrets about your character:


Please give us a brief bio on what your character has been up to since the series Finale(if show is off the air) or the finale of the last complete season(if show is currently on the air) that is at least 5-7 sentences?:

Reason for your character coming to Beacon Hills: (Please say more than just a fresh start. If that is the case, explain why? 3+ sentences)

If your character has AU aspects, please fill us in on what those are?:

If this is a deceased character, how do you plan to have them come back to life?:

Please write a sample(1+ paragraph) in the P.O.V of your character from roughly the time where you would be starting (unless there is a promo going that changes this)


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