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August 14th, 2020

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July 12, 2018


07/31/2020 06:37 PM 

Wait for it.

serpent juliet Love doesn't discriminate Between the sinners And the saints It takes and it takes and it takes And we keep loving anyway.
Wait for It
FP's reaction to her confession was everything she felt like she'd been holding pent up inside her since that first fateful phone call. Betty thought she could get the upper hand; she was smart enough to solve Jason Blossom's murder, and some twisted psychopath trying to manipulate her should've been no different. But somewhere along the way, she'd messed up. The biggest mistake she'd made was not telling Jughead or even coming to FP sooner though the fates of those she loved most had been threatened. And put on the line, even his own son, which Betty knew the elder Jones wouldn't stand for if his reaction to her in peril was even the slightest indication.

"He... made me do things." She added, hands folding in on themselves again in familiar old patterns as her eyes darted to the side, unable to meet FP's imploring gaze, her voice already faltering. "I couldn't go to the police, I couldn't tell anyone. Especially Jug..." She finally confessed, her voice breaking with emotion on his name. "He wanted to isolate me from everyone, ruin my friendship with Veronica, and break up with Jughead. That's when... that's when he joined the Serpents, I guess..."

She finally released the hold of her hands, blood rushing back to her extremities though her face still appeared pale and gaunt even in the trailer's dim light. "At that house, he made me put on a black mask just like his... and told me to look in this mirror hanging on the wall. He told me that we were the same. Like I was his chosen one or something..." The disgust in her tone was overwhelming, turning almost desperately in her spot to face him as if looking for any rebuttal that would chase away the nauseous feeling rising up in the pit of her stomach.


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