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07/28/2020 08:37 PM 

Inmate 4587
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INMATE 4587WWW.ROLEPLAYER.ME/PAYNEQUEEN"Defiant Demon""You’re trapped in here with me!”"
"Transporting INMATE 4587"

In the darkest corner of the max facility prison known as Blackgate Penitentiary, where people like Bane, Victor Zsasz, The Cluemaster, Tony Zucco and many others were kept at bay, a Demon was being housed for many a crime he had committed. Charged with Manslaughter with 27 confirmed kills, arson, 33 armed robberies, and a list longer than the christmas list of a spoiled 6 year old. Payne had been sentenced for 53 years.

His reputation was known to be extremely dangerous. A fighter since birth and a killer when the need called for it. A weapon in every sense of the word, smart, strategic and refined due to training by the Batman himself. Turned rogue, and spotted quite often alongside the infamous Red Hood, the Demon had made quite the name for himself as The Nightstalker. An Anti-Hero, cast out by the Bat-family but still one determined to protect his side of Gotham City. The Bowery was his turf, and one that he protected with every means necesarry. Payne did not take the lives of innocents, those were the ones who he tried to protect the most, but his behaviour out on the streets was far more brutal than the Bat would ever allow by anyone on his team.

During a blood-lust filled rage, he was finally taken in and kept prisoner within the walls of Blackgate. Being placed into solitary confinment from the very beginning due to eraditic behaviour upon arrival, the Demon was isolated, and had been for many a year already. While outside he had a name that could tremble fear into many a man, here on the inside he was stripped from everything that he held dear.
The Demon who raged the streets of Gotham as The Nightstalker was now simply known as INMATE 4587.

"Inmate 4587, it is time for your transport. Get up and get to the door with your arms extended in front of you." A small hatch in the middle of the door got opened while a loud bang was given to the door itself. Payne was already awake, working on his body by doing push-ups. Stripped from his glamor charm, the Demon was shown in his original form. Paler skin, crimson red eyes, and of course his Demonic right arm were all out for public display. Stretching his muscles as he stood up, he got dressed in his orange jumpsuit that had his 'name' imprinted in a large font on his back, along with the 'company logo.'

Approaching the door as instructed, the Demon rested his arms onto the steel plate that could function as a small table within the door. Waiting for that familiar click of shackles being placed around his wrists. The familiar burn was immediately felt as he pulled his arms back, showing the magically enhanced, teal glowing markings carved onto the cast iron that prevented Payne from casting any sort of spell that he might have up his sleeve, and once the door opened. A guard walked in and placed an inhibitor collar around the Demon's neck to prevent him from teleporting. Shackled and collared like a dog, Payne was pushed outside of his former home to be placed on route to his new one. Met by 20 heavily armed guards, 15 carrying heavy assault rifles aimed towards the Demon, 4 more which were carrying high voltage cattle prod sticks to push the Demon forward, and a Priest chanting to the man above the moment he laid eyes on Payne.

"You've got to be kidding me." Payne muttered, but was immediately hit with electricity after his words barely escaped his mouth. A hiss of pain escaped the Demon's lips and he stepped forward some more. Every measure was taken to provide the people with safety when it came to moving the Demon to a different cell. Many who had been killed when they came even close to touching the Demon, and 45 attempts to escape prison would take away every inch of humanity that guards had left. They viewed the Demon as an inhuman object, a monster, and Payne had made sure that this image most definitely fit the bill. Rolling his eyes at the Priest, Payne slowly but surely got shackled up around his ankles with the same sort of markings, that glowed in the same teal shade the moment the cast iron made contact with the Demon. And with a push, he was forced to walk forwards. Step by step, chains rattled as the Demon was guided towards his new cell.

Many voices were heard during the walk, screams and death threats, many often personalized, but all meant for the Demon. He was safe in solitary confinement, or so many thought. That the Demon was going to meet his end by any of these other prisoners very quickly, as if it was as easy as stealing candy from a child.
"Keep walking Inmate." The words of the guard fell upon deaf ears, Payne was already walking, and the only reason he slowed down ever so slightly was because of the burning sensation caused by his chains. His skin was searing and he could feel it. Another push was given and Payne continued to walk further, the faster he could arrive his new cell, the sooner those shackles were removed from his body. The sooner that burning feeling would end, and he'd get the chance to heal up again. "Demon Scum." The guard muttered while they all guided the monster towards his new living quarters.

After a solid 15 minute walk of terror. The Demon was finally arriving his new cell. The door opened up automatically the moment Payne was close enough. Being pushed into the cell afterwards, and released from his shackled, the Demon turned around and faced the guards with a giant smirk. The Priest was starting to annoy him. Enough for Payne to chant one of the Satanic prayers in return, just to make that Priest uncomfortable in his skin. Latin words were spewed out and Payne simply answered in that same, dead language. The guards checked the perimeter on every inmate in the area. And then they left, together with that bloody Priest. Smirking widely he looked outside, seeing various familiar faces and many unfamiliar ones as well. Screams of terror and excitement were heard, and Payne did only smile. The games were about to begin the moment those cell doors got unlocked, and The Demon was going to stand on top of all the chaos that was about to take place in this little slice of Hell on Earth.

"You're all trapped in here.... With me." The Demon muttered to himself, before leaning back against the wall across his cell door, hiding in the shadow of his poorly lit chambers. A devilish chuckle echoed through his room, which got drowned out by the sounds of madness that the prison produced. Not knowing that the fresh meat that they thought was delivered to them, was the predator that would turn this rowdy group of mindless killers, into people that were as scared as their victims. Sin was touchable in this place, punishments needed to be dealt. And the perfect executioner had just arrived.
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This is one of my favorite pieces of yours. The build up,the emotions, the whole thi g. It's one of your best. My favorite aspect is when you're taunting the priests, but also, I love the last thing you say; "You're all trapped in here...with me."

Damn skippy they are. Fuck 'em up.

Posted on Nov 10th 2020 - 6:26 AM

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