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September 20th, 2020

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July 02, 2020


07/27/2020 03:51 PM 

Please come home to me. (PTW)


Ever since the disappearance of her beloved Dimitri, things had been less than easy for Donatella. She spent countless hours searching for him, missed multiple days of work that she had to take some vacation time. Her job was very understanding seeing as she had never asked for days off and never pulled a no-call, no-show. She was aware by now that the police that Giorgina had under her thumb would do nothing so she decided she had to take things into her own hands. Nobody cared enough about her or him to help her except for Ren, but she was busy grieving the loss of Kyler so she was on her own.


The days that she wasn't out looking for Dimitri or calling his phone in hopes that she would be able to hear his voice just once, or in hopes that he would come to her, she had herself locked up in her house drowning her sorrows in liquor and snorting cocaine. She didn't care about anything if she wasn't sure Dimitri wasn't alright. They had grew up together. From the moment they met as kids - they were inseperable. They used to play house where he was the husband and she was the wife when they were younger. When they both turned sixteen - he promised her one day that he would make her his wife. All those memories and that promise was all she had left of him and she would hold onto them. Wouldn't give up on him until a body surfaced.

Of course she was criticized by people because they were certain she wasn't out looking for him all because she wasn't airing her personal life out for everyone to know about. The truth is, she searched for him every day and night, called his phone countless times even had a friend of hers to try to track his phone a couple of times but it was no use. The battery was dead - she was sure of this because every time she tried to call him, she reached his voicemail. "Hey, this is Dimitri. I can't come to the phone right now. You know what to do." That message was what she heard each time she tried to get ahold of him, each time she heard it - her heart sunk and the tears fell from her eyes. Would he be lost forever or would he come home to her in one piece?


It was just an ordinary day, she was out searching for him - on her own as usual and she tried to call his phone again. Again, she reached the voicemail. His voice, the happy tone in his voice caused her lips to form into a small smile. Tears welled up in her eyes, running down her cheeks and smearing her make-up so black lines decorated her perfect olive skin. Falling to her knees, she left yet another voicemail, her voice cracking in between each word. "Dimitri. Please come home to me.." Her voicemail was sent and the line fell silent. The female didn't bother budging, she just stayed kneeled on the ground, the sky beginning to rain down on top of her. She didn't care - she just kept calling his phone and listening to the sound of his voice over and over again.


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