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September 22nd, 2020

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July 02, 2020


07/19/2020 03:40 PM 

What did you do? (Diego's reply.)


Laying across her bed on her stomach, watching a movie with her boyfriend, Dimitri, her phone was on vibrate so that they weren't disturbed during their movie night. For this reason, she didn't hear her phone ring and he was sent straight to voicemail. Blue optics were glued to the television screen and she couldn't help but giggle at the funny scenes. Dipping her hand into the bowl of popcorn, she scooped up a couple pieces and popped them into her mouth, chewing it up and swallowing before taking a sip of her drink and setting it back on the floor. A few minutes passed, Dimitri had paused the movie so he could go to the bathroom and all of a sudden there was the sound of her phone vibrating followed by a knock at her front door. Raising a brow, she paused the movie and slowly rolled out of the bed before grabbing her phone.


Slipping her feet into her slippers, she grabbed her robe from off of the chair next to her bed and pulled it on, tying it shut and made her way out of her bedroom and towards the front door. Given everything that had happened the past few nights, Dimitri was in tow right behind her, staying close to her because they didn't know who or what was standing on the other side of the dear. Taking a deep breath, she glanced back at Dimitri before reaching out with a trembling hand and removing the chain from over the door before unlocking the deadbolt and slowly opening the door. Another deep breath was taken in but she exhaled it slowly when she seen a battered and bleeding Diego standing on the other side holding his shoulder.

Her brow lifted and she opened the door all the way, allowing him to come in before shutting the door behind him and placing both of the locks in place once again and setting the alarm. "Diego? What the hell happened to you?!" She grabbed him gently by the arm that wasn't injured and led him into the dining room. Flipping the light on, she sat him down at the table and grabbed her nursing bag from inside the laundry room where she kept it on the shelf when it wasn't in use and on her days off. Placing it on the marble countertop, she unzipped it and got her sewing kit out to perform sutures if she needed to.


Her ocean optics were filled with evident worry for him as she made her way over to him. Before she touched him, she grabbed a pair of gloves from her bag and pulled them on. Shaking her head, she leaned against the counter top and gently removed the hand that was holding his injured shoulder. "Are you going to tell me what in the hell happened to you or do I have to play a guessing game with you?" There was an evident attitude in her tone of voice as she had spoke because she knew he was one that had liked pain. He told her this when they spent the night together. Another shake of her head was given and she began to examine his body for any signs of visible wounds. "There's blood so you're obviously injured somewhere else other than just your shoulder. So, out with it, Diego. What were you doing that caused you to dislocate your shoulder and cause you to bleed as well as your face being all busted up?"


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