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August 6th, 2020

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Gender: Female

Age: 27
Country: Italy

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July 02, 2020



07/19/2020 02:55 PM 

The first meeting. (Hex's reply.)


A groan of protest was elicited from the lips of the Italian mafia princess when her dad informed her that she would be forced to join him for his business meeting. A roll of her blue optics followed and she rested her arms over her chest, a scowl of unamusement placed upon her beautiful features and replaced the smile that was normally there. Shaking her head, she dressed in a simple black dress, curled her hair and draped some of it to either side, leaving a couple of strands to lay along the top of her back. Her normal olive skin was covered in a coat of foundation, eyelids were painted with a touch of light blue eye shadow and her lips were stained with a bright red shade of lipstick.


Glancing at herself in the mirror, she smirked satisfied but it quickly faded and was replaced a frown when she heard her dad call her name and tell her to hurry up. "Donatella Aviela Vitiello! Hurry up - we are going to be late!" She cringed at the sound of her full name rolling off of his lips. Shaking her head, she grabbed her phone, wallet and white fur shrug and draped it over her shoulders before hurrying out of her room, down the stairs and towards the front door where her dad was already waiting for her - quite impatiently at that. "I swear you take forever to get ready. I don't understand." This earned him a roll of her eyes and she pulled the door open before stepping out into the cool night breeze and heading towards the limo whose door was already opened and waiting for her. Climbing in, she slid over to the opposite side from where her dad was sitting, wanting to be as far away from him as possible.

Her dad slid in after her and the driver closed the door before going around to the other side of the car and climbing in the driver seat. The whole ride to her dad's business meeting was quiet and very awkward. Her attention was glued to her phone, scrolling through her instagram stream and her dad was doing something on his phone. More than likely texting one of his whores. Something he did whenever her mother wasn't around. A scoff slipped from her lips, gentle but audible enough for him to hear. Her dad raised his hand to slap her across the face but they had pulled up in front of the motel. "You're lucky we're here otherwise you would have wore a handprint to go with that slutty make-up of yours!" Rolling her eyes, she shrugged it off and continued to scroll through her instagram stream. She was used to this kind of treatment from her father, it was nothing new.


Her attention from her phone screen only broke when she seen her father get out of the car and talk to someone. Brow quirked at the words he said to her and her eyes were trained on the entrance to the door waiting for whoever it was to climb into the limo. Soon a girl a few years younger than her emerged through the open door and settled herself on the same seat that her father was seated. Her father climbed back in the limo and closed the door behind him, wrapping his arms around the dark haired female and drawing her close. Setting her phone down on the seat, arms came to rest over her chest and she focused her ocean optics on the female in her father's arms. This went on for a few minutes until the other female broke the silence, extended her hand towards her and introduced herself. Dona dropped one hand from her chest and extended it towards the other woman, shaking it gently before retracting her hand, folding it back over her chest once again. "I'm Donatella. Donatella Aviela Vitiello. It's nice to meet you, Maisey." It wasn't really nice to meet her because her dad was cheating on her mother but she knew if she was rude, it would have caused her to receive a punishment from her father whenever this evening was over. Tuning their timey-whimey nonsense out, she picked her phone up, unlocked it and continued to scroll through her instagram feed, liking a couple posts every now and then.


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