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September 22nd, 2020

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July 02, 2020


07/17/2020 01:14 PM 

No stranger to death.

It was no secret that Donatella was no stranger to death.

It was no secret that Donatella was no stranger to death. Being a nurse and all - she witnessed death at least once every single day if not more than one time a day. But seeing that body hanging from the fountain, the blood flowing down his lifeless body shook her to her very core. Flashbacks of that image would haunt her once peaceful dreams for days on end. It was a peaceful, sunny day in New York. One of many so that was nothing new to Italian mafia princess. However, she wasn't aware that that was all about to change. Having the day off of work, she decided that she would leave her home in Brooklyn for a little while and drive to Manhattan for a slight change of scenery. About a forty minute drive and she was pulling up into the busy city streets which was Manhattan, New York. Parking her car in front of her favorite little bistro right outside of Central Park, she killed the engine, opened her door and climbed out being sure to lock her doors and set her alarm before she made her way inside.


She was immediately greeted by one of the waiters and they led her to a table seated by a window. Shrugging her coat off, she draped it over the back of her chair and took a seat before picking up the menu. Crystal hues scanned over it and she decided to go with her usual. A garden chef salad with sun dried tomato dressing and a french vanilla cappuccino. The waiter took her order and Dona pulled her phone from her jacket pocket. Unlocking it, she tapped on her instagram app and scrolled through her feed while she waited for her food and drink to arrive. Not paying any attention to anything, she jumped at the sounds of screams coming from the nearby park. Rising to her feet, she hurried out of the doors of the bistro and towards the park where all the commotion was coming from. When she reached the fountain, she stopped dead in her tracks as she seen the lifeless and blood stained body of what was once Stefano Morcelli posted up on the fountain like he was some type of prize. Her mouth dropped and her blood ran cold.


The sight of the Morcelli mafia family leader hanging up there from the fountain caused her hands to began to tremble. Immediate fear and worry flooded her mind and she began to panic. Pacing back and forth, she raised her left hand to her mouth and began to chew on her nails. A habit she had developed whenever she was nervous or guilty of something. Swallowing hard, her mind shifted to that of his daughter, Giorgina Morcelli. What would she think when she found out? Better yet - what would she do when she found out? Not wanting to find out, she pushed her way past the clammoring crowd of people that had gathered and were snapping pictures of the scene as if he were a famous movie star. A shake of her head given, a scoff of disgust slipped from her lips at the way these people had no respect for the dead. Making her way back into the bistro, she grabbed her jacket and pulled it on before placing forty dollars on the table - enough to pay for her meal and a tip for the waiter before retrieving her receipt from the cashier. Proof that she was nowhere near the fountain when Stefano Morcelli's body had been hoisted up on the fountain incase Giorgina decided to question her.

Unlocking her car, she opened the door and climbed in before shutting it and buckling up her seatbelt. Places the key in the ignition, turns it and when the car roars to life, she quickly backed out of her parking spot and drove home. Hands were trembling and gripping the steering wheel so tight that they turned two shades lighter than her normal skin tone. Her mouth was dry, heart thumping rapidly within her chest and tears had begun to fill her eyes. Who would do such a thing to Stefano Morcelli - and why? What did he do - who did he piss off to deserve such a display in such a public place? Was it a warning to the Morcelli family? Was it a warning to her? Did her family find out where she was and now they were killing off the people that vowed to protect her until she gave herself up and met her fate for slaughtering her family in cold blood? So many thoughts flooded her mind as well as the images of that body hanging from the fountain.

The way his eyes were hollowed out, the way his skin was pale other than the spots that were splattered with crimson. Reaching her house, she parked in her driveway, killed the engine and hurried out of her car, setting her alarm and rushed up to the door of her home, unlocking it and stepping inside, closing the door behind her and being sure to put the deadbolt and chain lock in place. Pulling her jacket off, she tossed it to the floor without a care and tangled her fingers in her hair. Leans against the door for a minute, slowly slinking to the floor and hugs her knees to her chest. What if it was her family that killed the Morcelli family mafia leader? What if it was her fault he was dead? What if Giorgina found out that her family was responsible for the death of her father, Stefano Morcelli and she came for her?




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