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Gender: Female

Age: 26
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July 08, 2020


07/15/2020 05:56 PM 


Fleur Devereux
24 years old
Owner of SLASHERZ.

Leader of the Rioters.
Originally from Gordes, France.


Life is so strange.

the bio - A product of a monster, Fleur’s mother gave in to her emotions with an unstable villain, a man by the name of Andrew York. When it was discovered that she'd become pregnant, York shut her out and threatened to have her killed if she didn't get an abortion. When the money was provided for the procedure, she took it and fled back to her home in France and went into hiding so that she could raise her child in peace. Fleur grew up on her grandfather's farm, tending to the animals in the sanctuary her mother helped establish, thus forming her love of animals. When she was young, she met her brother, the only sibling she'd ever have, when her mother came in search of hers. She enjoyed her time with him, even if he was only a half-sibling she treated him as so much more, so naturally when they left again an emptiness was left inside of her. Years later she would return when Fleur’s unknown father began sending his minions to murdered the bastard children he'd created. Them being the two that remained, they were sent away together and Fleur was left responsible for her younger brother. Conflict arose, and when Mayor York was inching closer and closer to them, Fleur decided it was best to bleach her brother’s hair and send him away so he'd be safe. She was left alone to fend for herself, which gave her thick skin but often was lonely. Her path eventually led to Valkery, where she served as an expeditious until Ludo fled with his family and left her in charge.

During the riots...

She was...

It was her goal to get her revenge on the Mayor for tearing her family apart, so naturally she was ripping through the enemy, sword drawn, covered in blood, hoping she'd get to him first. Unfortunately she did not, but she was determined. Since he was left alive hanging from his flag pole, she waited a few days and went at night to take him down, replacing him with one of the battered bodies from the riots and dragged him to the cells beneath the sanctuary.

Secrets - She knew everyone refuses to enter the chambers in the Sanctuary, which is why she sought the opportunity to collect enemies, including the mayor, and lock them down there. Sometimes she’ll pick one and feed them to her tigers, but she still has the Mayor. Her motive is long term torture. Keeping him alive but making him want to die.

Ghoul was particularly obsessed with her, so in exchange for her getting into the rank she is now, he forced her to marry him, constantly raping her whenever he wanted to. Part of the reason he was captured was because she dropped subtle hints to Lucy in order for him to know where he'd be and when. She doesn't work with Lucy, but she's forever grateful that he did her this favor. Part of her feels like the man actually has compassion when necessary.

When she was 15 years old, she sent her brother away to be safe and went to work in the asylum located in Turbo City. At first, she just tended to ill patients and conducted activities with them, but eventually she was dragged to the basement with promise of higher pay to be apart of a chemical weapon testing program for children 6-18. Everyday she was given a microdose of a strain of the drug 'Chaos', and even years after the testing stopped she suffers the side effect, which includes enhanced human strength... and a taste for human flesh. 

Fears - Coulrophobia: Back in France she attended a friend's birthday party when she was just 9 years old. The clown that was hired was drunk off his ass and clearly distraught, and during a mental breakdown he shot himself in the head in front of everyone. She was sitting in the front, therefore covered with most of his brain matter.

Automatonophobia: Mannequins, statues, anything that resembles a human but isn't freaks her out. She's always afraid they're going to start moving and come alive.

Leader Connections:

She is a leader herself, therefore has a connection to all of them. She was at one point connected to Ghoul because he forced her into marriage and raped her. She also is connected to Lucy because she's responsible for Lucy finding Ghoul and killing him.

Traits - +Clever, headstrong, independent.
-blunt, closed off, short tempered.


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