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Gender: Female
Age: 30
Sign: Virgo
Country: United States

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February 06, 2019


07/13/2020 11:25 PM 


Bowie to Hanna @17:00pm - HANNA, MAJOR NEWS!!!!
Hanna to Bowie @17:20pm - What is it? Girl, you have my interest.
Bowie to Hanna @17:30pm - Horror pop-up convention is happening next week, 3 miles from town. I got 2 tickets. Wanna come?
Hanna to Bowie @17:35pm - F*ck yes!
Bowie to Hanna @17:40pm - Awesome! It's Tuesday from 11 - 6. 
​​​​​​​Hanna to Bowie @17:45pm - Breakfast on me, dinner on you.

Sophie to Bowie @15:00pm - Are you going tonight?
Bowie to Sophie @15:05pm - Yeah I am, why?
Sophie to Bowie @15:10pm - Wanna travel together?
Bowie to Sophie @15:15pm - Sounds good, I'll pick you up at 5.
Sophie to Bowie @15:20pm - Great. Wanna get food after? My treat. Unless you're busy.
Bowie to Sophie @15:25pm - I never say no to food.

Benny to Bowie @16:05pm - Hey Bow, can you come over later?
Bowie to Benny @16:10pm - Of course Benny, something wrong?
Benny to Bowie @16:15pm - I just need a friend right now.
Bowie to Benny @16:18pm - I'll be there, and I'll bring pizza and beer.
Benny to Bowie @16:24pm - You're the best Bow.
Bowie to Benny @16:29pm - I know ;)

Bowie to Thea @14:00pm - Hey girl, you accepting more clients?
Thea to Bowie @14:05pm - Hey girl, yeah I am. What you got?
Bowie to Thea @14:10pm - A bride wants gin and tonic, prosseco and whiskey cake pops for her wedding. 20 of each. 
​​​​​​​Thea to Bowie @14:15pm - Easy peasy, send me the details and what not and I'll look over it.
Bowie to Thea @14:20pm - I'll email you the details when I get home. Once you confirm I'll let the bride know.
​​​​​​​Thea to Bowie @14:25pm - Look forward to the email.

Roxy to Bowie @5:00pm - Bow, a volunteer cancelled on me. Can you work on Saturday?
Bowie to Roxy @5:10pm - I actually made plans for Saturday, but I think I can reschedule them. Let me talk to my friend.
Roxy to Bowie @5:15pm - Don't worry if you can't, I'll figure something out.
Bowie to Roxy @6:00pm - I've rescheduled my plans, I can do Saturday.
Roxy to Bowie @6:05pm - You're a live saver.
Bowie to Roxy @6:10pm - Happy to help.

Alexis to Bowie @4:00pm - Are you free tonight?
Bowie to Alexis @4:30pm - What did you have in mind?
Alexis to Bowie @4:35pm - There is a ghost hunt tonight, wanna come?
​​​​​​​Bowie to Alexis @4:40pm - What time?
Alexis to Bowie @4:45pm - 10pm until 12am
​​​​​​​Bowie to Alexis @4.50pm - I'm game, send me the details.

Bowie to Melanie @9:30am - Mel, slight problem.
Melanie to Bowie @10:00am - What's up?
Bowie to Melanie @10:05am - The rose bush can't be delievered until next week. There is a problem with shipment.
​​​​​​​Melanie to Bowie @10:07am - That's not a problem at all, Bow.
Bowie to Melanie @10:10am - I'm so glad you're not mad.
​​​​​​​Melanie to Bowie @10:15am - Of course I'm not mad, it's not your fault.

Bowie to Vincent @1:30pm - I need more stuff.
Vincent to Bowie @1:40pm - How much you want?
Bowie to Vincent @2:00pm - $100
Vincent to Bowie @2:06pm - Consider it done. Same place.
Bowie to Vincent @2:10pm - I'll be there.
Vincent to Bowie @2:15pm - I know you will.

Sarah to Bowie @11:00am - Are you free for lunch?
Bowie to Sarah @11:03am - I can be. What did you have in mind?
Sarah to Bowie @11:06am - Chinese food?
​​​​​​​Bowie to Sarah @11:10am - I'm down. What time do you wanna meet?
Sarah to Bowie @11:15am - How does 12:30pm sound?
​​​​​​​Bowie to Sarah @11:20am - Sounds good, let me know which restuarant you want to go to. I'm down for any.

Bowie to Jenevieve  @ 9:30am - Hey doll what time are you coming over later for the sleepover?
Jenevieve to Bowie @ 9:45am - Hey girl, probably around 8 is that okay?
Bowie to Jenevieve @9:50am - No problem. Sounds perfect. I am about to head to the store, anything in particular you want?
Jenevieve to Bowie @10:00am - Can't go wrong with popcorn and cookies. How about your famous BBQ ribs?
Bowie to Jenevieve @10:02am - Popcorn and cookies are a must. I can totally cook up some ribs.
Jenevieve to Bowie @10:05am - Awesome. Anything you want me to bring?


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