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07/13/2020 03:10 PM 


advisery; wild language.

"Since 95' Momma workin' 9-5...and I know  the landlord tired of our lies.."

-Joey Badass| 1999

"I remember the cold winters of Gotham. The light twinge of heat fading from every resident of the city as fall began to surrender to the impending frost."

A cold breath escaping his pale and chapped pout as he dugged his hands into his coat pocket. It was time to get to work. He scoped the surroundings of the Gotham high point area. A rather bustling part of the megaplex city where all those with cash to burn waltzed without a care in the world for street urchins like him. They were the perfect marks. A gentle bump there, a polite smile and shake of the head there. Within 15 minutes Jason had effortlessly pickpocketed 5 of Gotham's elite class and everything from credit cards to secret lovers notes were his to control but the only thing on his mind was the age old color that never would go out of style. Cold, green - cash. The dead presidents offering him between his victims combined a mere 300 bucks. Enough to pay a bill or two AND get him something to eat. 

"It was easy to pull this off during the day. You see when the sun was out, no one really bothered to look up in the air. No one ever really cared what happenes when your feet are already on the ground but at night..when the sun went down. Well...that kinda went out the window. Most punks knew, when it hit 6 to hit the deck or else the terror that flapped in the night would crash by. Break about 4 ribs and then demand you repent for the oh so cardinal sin of...stealing a watch from some fat cats wrist. It wasn't until I shared meals with him...with Bruce..that I knew why he was so vigillant." 

The night falls, shadows begin to elongate in the city. No one really comes out to Gotham in the evening. No one smart anyway. It's like clockwork. The lower east side, Finger drive and Kane place. The hive for what most would like to consider a sizeable amount of gutter trash in the city. The old Gotham bistro, a meeting spot for the Italian mafia big shots. This was supposed to be akin to any other night on the first of the month. The fathers of the 4 houses of Gotham would meet, talk business and try to muscle eachother out of money while pretending they were all still good friends. They were sharks with top hats,  snakes who had the courtesy to say hello before stabbing you in the back. Jason had the bright idea to skulk around the area, they enjoyed his kind. The dumb kids who could do simple fetch quests. Tonight was different. There wasn't the usual smiles. It's was all business. 

"He's f\ucking with my money Randy! I've had it!"

" You gotta relax."

"Yeah Pete. It's not that serious."

"No..lets hear him out, Pete please. Talk."

"This gaddamn pointy eared bozo has made my crew look like some day way corner pushers. It's bad enough the n\iggers from over by the Narrows haven't been payin' up and are tryin' to worm their way into our territory but now you got this f\uckin' schmuck in a f'ukkin' bat costume beating my guys half to death and torching my businesses. Laundries, private shops, the f\uckin' works. He's there."

"So handle him, Pete."
"Handle hi-...Really Vinny. F\uckin' handle him? Oh yeah. I'll handle him right after I pry your wife from the f\uckin' back room with the Koreans.  This f\uckin' guy. Handle him. How the hell am I supposed to handle this bat freak when he pops in like a f\uckin' ninja and "
"One, they're not Korean. They're Japanese you goddamn gababagoul and second, you keep my wifes name on your lips for another second you fat prick and I'm gonna have my boys come and deal with you."

"HAH.. your boys? The same ones that had to be bailed from Metropolis cause of that freak with the S on his chest? Vinny you can't make threats like that and just think it's all sunshine and roses."

"Gentlemen. gentlemen please. Lets not do this okay? The Bistecca is gettin' cold. We'll handle it. Together. Understood. Now then, lets say grace understand? Okay. Randy, hit it..."

Randal "the jew" Esposito, he ran the west side and if you could think it and had the money to handle it - he'd fund it. He was the one with the closest connections to the banks. And was smart enough to start trying to move on up in the underworld. Outta the depths of Gotham and onward. Vincent "skinny" Regio was the quiet one from the south side. He was the least to be heard but the loudest when it came to making statements. Gyms, and nightclubs were his deal. Some folk like to joke and say Vinny's wife was more of a known face than he was as Ms. Regio was renound for her almost inhuman talent of entering a room with the man to do business with the angriest of people and have them all see his way with smiles on his face and her picking grime from the corners of her lips. To the East was ol' furious Peter Squingelli. He got into the game after his relative over in New York got him in the good graces of some major big name there. Wilson somethin' or other and whats worse is he was the hot head of the gang. Shoot first ask questions never type. Weapons, extortion and laundrying was his bag and lastly. There was the "North Star" of Gotham's crime families. "Twisted" Tony Zucco. The legend of the underground in Gotham. He was old money. He supposedly had his own run ins with the Batman and hadn't been making moves but that was anything but. Zucco much to Bat's credit of him was smart. The strongest wolf never went in the front, he always picked up the rear. When it came to the costumed crowd - Tony made it a habit of mixing in with their ilk. It's probably why people like Oswald Cobblepot was so fond of him. As they all squabbled the shadow of justice loomed ever closer. Jason had done his job for the night, get cash to give to ma and show his moxie to the big boys in the family. Well..he did one half of the job. What better way to prove your stones than ripping some poor idiot of their car hm? 

Jason had seen it but he couldn't believe it. Black with a metallic deep blue finish. Enging like something out of a sci-fi film. The obvious set up vibe was over him. There's no way it could have been there. 14 year old Jason Peter Todd couldn't much believe it, yet like a sign from god there it was in all it's untouched glory. The batmobile. He reached into his jacket pocket, a wrench and hubcap remover revealed. He got to work like greesed lightning. The winds shifted, the cold was gone. Gotham's cold was replaced with a warm smirk of both shock and awe. A gruff voice tenderly uttered out...

"...I can't believe it kid,did you do this?

Jason turned and they locked eyes. Jason tightened the grip on his tools. The bat clenched his fists. Both moved as fast as they could. Todd was fast...the shadow however was faster. Grabbing him by the collar the two would from then on like the tragic tale of prometheus -- be destined to repeat this meeting over and over. The shadow looming over the boy who dreamed. Offering a hand and recieving scorn in return. That was to come, however in that moment. As the two had met. The Bat merely asked the boy a simple question. One that would change his life forever...


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