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07/12/2020 07:14 PM 

A true story of fant Deception and true friendship

It was all a bit too much to of handled all at once ,Annie had never dealt with stress as well as most of her siblings did but that never drove her less into backing out of taking the once in a lifetime job,who knew her training would consist of events that would stride her life on different ways.
Captain Edward Smith asked the White star Line for new crew members,he wanted a challenge and he knew that the then eighteen year old Annie Desmond could

He learnt of a knew ship upcoming that would change the world of travel as he knew it,he wanted only the best crew on board.
He even admitted most never acquired the training the company honoured itself on.
The lusitania was never due to set sail for a few weeks,at this point, Annie introduced herself to her fellow crew mates,one being an Italian 1st class waiter Paolo Sandrini.
At first she could not stand the site of him,he seemed into his own world,but that was her own opinion.
He reflected as being charming,charismatic and rather intelligent,for this day abd time it seeded rare weather anyone would be like this.

She knew to take her job seriously,No in work relationships were ever allowed,she never first he charmed her,made her feel special,took care of her.
Yet everyone aboard the Lusitania tried to make her aware of his Devious plans though she chose to take no notice of her surroundings.

Her training days were over,she ventured home to excitingly tell all her loved ones of her new profession.
Yet she was not alone,she arrived home with the Sandrini man,who just looked odd.
Her sister and her own twin brother found him to be strange,as if he would use her,later on in the year they would regret to think that.
Annie,unaware of how he began to act,agreed to all of what he said and what he wanted,she could never see the damage it had on her family.
It was destroying them.

The weeks following, things began to make her brothers suspicious about this man,never did paolo stay with annie for longer than a day,he always made an excuse and this annoyed them all and knew they had to make their little sister abandon this man and what ever it was he had planned.
But it of course became far too late.
Finding out that their sister became pregnant infuriated her siblings,they didn't like the fact someone she worked with had been allowed to do this.
Jack,had written letters to White star Line but revieved no reply from his worries,deciding to write to Paolo's brother Mario, they knew he would eventually come to collect him.
That's surprisingly what happened,but not what they told Annie,it seemed like they had planned this,they told her he accidently died from helping build the newly awaited ship, and yet Annie knew well enough to know that Paolo was not a designer or builder,but she shrugged it off perhaps they had gotten confused how wrong she was..

Months,weeks whatever, she found out the horrible truth of what happened,her familg where so infuriated by her actions that they sent letters to the man's parents back in Italy begging them to force him back home,with them doing so, he had died from being in an accident to where he froze to death on a sinking ship,it of course remained to lesser known that what she could experience just five years later.
Devastated by what she knew,the then Seventeen year old Annie Desmond abandoned her entire family, moving in with a friend in the town centre of Southampton. 
Yes, of course her parents were displeased by her actions and tried their best to force her back onto their household but they failed.

Handing over her infant daughter to her parents,which was meant to be for a few weeks whilst she went back to training but that turned into three years.
Annie felt desperate to get her daughter back but she knew well that this was blackmail,she knew her parents did this so she would be in their grasp once more.
Frustrated by the occasions that went,Annie paid someone who take responsibility for taking her daughter from her borderline abusive parents,she had always vowed to never give in to their ways of blackmail.

Now it was 1910 and she still had gotten nowhere, she felt completely torn into pieces,she became depressed, constantly emotional and particularly angry at most things in her way,she felt like the worst failure,she began to think maybe her mother had always been right about her maybe she was a complete embarrassment to the Desmond name.
At this point, her mind had other ideas,after contacting the central police explaining g her situation, they knocked down the family door and took the then four year old toddler from her 'loveable ' grandparents, and a restraining order had been put into place and could never be lifted.
She now got what she had wanted since the age of five,a separation from her parents.

This opened up a new door for Annie,she knew in no more than sixteen months she would be held the job of a absolute lifetime and that she would take her daughter with her.
But for now she had to stick to the Olympic until her new job would be enlisted for her to move too.
Here she met the most important people she would later be thankful for knowing, one being a very well dressed man, spoke perfectly and had what she would call star struck eyes.
She later learned that his name was Caledon Hockley.
A group of designers, ones.wgo had designed the ships she had worked on and still remained to do so,she had little information about this family but of course ehad became very close with the young woman known as Arianna De Changny,who she classed as being the most enriched person she had ever knew.

But one woman stood out,she seemed so different to the rest she had passed in the recent days,but she could never understand what exactly could be different about her,a man seemed to be around the woman, an older man,raising her eyebrow she asked questions and later learnt that her name was Katherine Pierce,she may of had a strange feeling about something deep of this girl,but she needed more than one friend in this life, and she seemed friendly enough .

Once leaving the Olympic, she had lost contact with Arianna and Katherine but strongly not Caledon, she had grew extremely close to the man,she knew she would literally never let him disappear from her, it wasn't happening again.

It had landed, it was the day the Titanic had been cleared to set sail, her maiden voyage excited her greatly, yet she still jad a grappling feeling,it could just of been nail bitting nerves doing this and she had to just push it back and continue to do the job assigned to her.
Boarding the Ship, she noticed she had been certified to maid on second and first class,yet the best part about this was that she had been given her own cabin for her and her now six year old daughter.

Apart from the constant cries for attention from the passengers on the deck she had been assigned to work on, she knew this trip to new York would be a piece of cake,she could basically do this job with her eyes closed,yet with her multiple bosses constantly shouting for or at her she knew that doing it with her eyes closed wouldn't be the best intention..
It was only the first day aboard the steam beauty and yet she had already made two mistakes, one was leaving a six year old to defend for herself whilst she worked and the second of course had been screaming at her bosses.

Annie loved this job more than her own life,it gave her the purpose she had been searching for her whole life, until now she felt like a burden that needed to be put down a peg or two.
So many aboard this giant steamer hated her,they hated her cheeky attitude and personality to which most thought to be a burden in itself.
The most to dislike her being aboard tbe steamer was of course the staff.
So many wanted a transfer but of course it was far too late, The Titanic had already headed to Liverpool.

Greeting the newly aboard passengers as they walked passed her from the Great Alber docks of Liverpool,She sighed gently before attending to the new rooms that had been untouched,well someone had to do them,right?.
By this time she already knew she had to find someone to take care of her daughter whilst she worked,She knew that Caledon would be associated with the upper-class so she never wanted to bother him to the point of frustration. 
She didn't need that,not right now.

One woman however took her attention rather quickly,she seemed around her own age and reflected to be so greatly gentle,by some accounts she had heard she gathered her name had to be Rose,and if she were to be correct, she would request some help.
Its possible she could end up in large amounts of upsetting trouble but she couldn't do everything by herself.
Grabbing the courage to head and talk to the girl..

Although it seemed to be impossible,a hand grabbed her shoulder,turning to look she saw Spicer Lovejoy looking angered with the fact that her child had been left unsupervised to run around a ship that could prove to be dangerous,swing to the guard she rolled her eyes before heading off forgetting completely what it was she set out to do.
Sighing for the second time she sat on the little bench outside on the top deck, the wind began to blow slowly through her hair as she thought deeply on how to solve this matter,tapping her chin softly, her eyes scanned the area as she watched everyone enjoy their trip without stress,clearing her troat she heard a voice come from the right side of her.
Tilting her head to see, her eyes looked to a well dressed man,why he was talking to her she had no idea,but he seemed nice enough to help her out in her dilemma.

"The name is Jordan."

She felt curious as to why he was again talking to her,but she went with it anyway,letting out a chuckle she shook her head gently.

"Annie,hey tell me, can you mind someone for a few hours,I will pay you."

Waiting for see for her answer,she raised her eyebrow in wonder it terrfiied her to know that she would have to beg someone just to help her out.
Seeing Jordan's face drain colour for a second, she heard a familiar voice from the other side of her,turning to look she came face to face with Caledon.
Nervously letting out a laugh before she rose to her feet,Annie crossed her arms in defense before she opened her mouth to speak.
She could sense the disappointment just by looking at him,and she knew it wouldn't be a good conversation,if only sound proof existed in 1912.

She knew by the look on his face that it would be bad,It of course wasn't the first so she knew exactly what to expect,all the more reasons for her daughter to be out the way for the mean time.
Luckily for Annie she had her ways of calming the Furious Caledon down,it was more sheer luck than anything else, he never wanted her to go back to work, he assured her that they could get by on his own money,yet annie knew she still wanted her independence,she had,had men doing things for her for as long as she could remember.

Rolling her eyes for a split second she felt her head nod in agreement to what she thought he would of said,she took off heading back inside in order to finish off her daily work.
It had only been a few days and already shd felt like ber blood had began to become hotter than the steam rooms on board the grand ship.
Although, there did seem to be one person she avoided on asking for help,her older sister,Mary.
Everything and everyone had completely disappeared from her mind at this  point, and leaving her daughter wirh her grandparents seemed to be forever out of question.

Eyes stared towards her as she rushed through the whole of the first class deck,hoping that around the corner she would find help in her sister,but instead she came face to face with a friend,Arianna De Changny,beaming with absolute joy, she placed her hands into her apron and slightly paced in one place as she thought exactly on what she would say to her.
This of course was the last thing she wanted,to lumber her problems onto other people around her,yet she had no other choice.

"I could actually do with your help,I've asked around so many and everyone seems to be busy or unwilling, could you mind my daughter for a few hours?, i do promise it will be no longer."

Annie knew that Arianna had always been a kind and loving person,and this is why she hated doing this to her friend but the options were of course beginning to run out.
Looking around her she stood awaiting for her friend to answer,Annie felt like she had been watched. It would of surprised her wither way.

Hearing the words yes,come from Arianna, Annie let out a nervous laugh to the answer given shortly after,she could not believe someone had been willing to help her out, modt probably didn't want to deal with the rath of Caledon,and she never blamed them,not one bit.

Seeing her young daughter out the corner of her eye,leaning out from the doorway near the ballroom,Annie gestured for her to come closer so she could introduce her to her friend infront,feeling now more relieved that she could do her job without her bosses complaining generally every second about what a horrible mother she was,it indeed was a miracle and eith that she left to sort out the linen ready and waiting for the ones who had been cut short from it.

The hours that passed seemed to go alot quicker than she thought,but that wasn't a worry of hers anymore atleast she had finished the job she had been pestered to do many hours before hand.
Rinsing her hands in the bowel of water on the passengers vanity stand, Annie walked out the room a lot more happier than earlier,she knew someone, somewhere on this ship would make that sme disappear, it was a never ending cycle. 
The halls semeed empty,which for a ship as large as this it seemed bazaar,clewr9jg her throat she jumped from shock as she heard the horns blast in announcement for first class lunch,frustrated by the lack of rest she would be provided at this moment she placed her hands back onto her Apron and took off for the first class dining area.
Someone had to give out the wine,Right?.

Walking in to such a loud room, it suddenly became quiet and tgis unnerved her so much she panicked to even pick up the wine picture.
Clearing her throat she picked up the tray and moved on over to each table and began to serve the Adults the Wine they would sooner or later request.
One person however took her attention off guard,sighing she looked down to see her daughter smiling upto her in the most mischievous way,Annie just knew she would wonder off later by the look on her face.
Smiling to the passengers at the table she had been serving,Annie held the little girls hand and took her to towards the back of the Dining hall,ingoing so,Mr Thomas Andrews interrupted her and gestured forward towards the pair,curious as to what the young girl had planned for her day, he knew she would be off exploring the giant vessel.
Anxious by this action,Annie panicked slightly not knowing what exactly would come out of the designers mouth, this often made her head spin out of worry..

"Mr Andrews i am so sorry, she was in care of someone but I guess she decided to wonder off,I promise it will never happen again."

Thomas,Laughing at Annie's outburst shook his head and held his hand out to the nervous woman,he could tell this all had been stressing her out,he knew she had two major jobs to do and all around her understood her anxious actions. 

"Annie,No need to worry, its a magnificent ship and she has all the right to explore, by all means I'm sure feedback in the eyes of a child would do wonders for the company."

Smiling gently to the man, she turned around quickly,before picking up the six year old in her arms,looking back to the table of upper-class passengers she looked to one owner and smiled gently,leaving a little bow as she went to move on,that man was Bruce Ismay, she knew with him on board everything she did had to be professionally done and quick.
He wanted to be at new york a day earlier than anticipated. 
She rhought rushing the timing could be catastrophic yet she said nothing as in fear of losing her job..

Placing her daughter down at the back of the room,she picked up napkins and handed them to the young girl to play with,Annie was on a clock and many where watching her.
Looking back to be sure, she did the right thing in what she just did,Annie frowned and slumped herself onto one of the baxk tablets near the open window,frustrated deviststed and very overwhelmed she let out a soft cry,maybe everyone had been right about her,maybe this job would reveal to be too much for her at such a young age.
After around two minutes of her miniature breakdown,she rose from the chair and carried on with her work,again serving wine to the passengers,she had been giving looks that would suggest she needed help,all in all she began to grow tired, that was all..

She of course remained thankful for all she had met aboard this vessel,the friendships she had acquired during this sail she knew would last forever.
As the lunch era began to fade most of the passengers rose from their seats, sighong from complete relief, she began to talk out of the room but had been gabbed by the arm, ready to cause hell she turned to shout her opinion until she saw who it was,he looked more displeased than usual but this time he had a genuine reason to be, not one he got into it because things never landed to be his way.
Pressing Annie against the wooden wall, he gripped softly onto her shoulders and let out a rather angered exhale.

"I do not want her running around this ship like has no one to look after her, do you understand me,Annie?"

Nodding her head in reply to his words, she  raised her eyebrow as she tried to think of words to say that would not make him go completely territorial upon them both.

"I understand,but I am working and can not keep running off to maintain her whereabouts Cal, I would of requested your help but I do not want to disturb you."

The genuine look of disappointment spread arcoss his face as fast and she could blink,inside Annie had been laughing  at his outburst but the whole time on the outside she wasn't impressed.

For a moment or two fear struck her like lightening,which wasn't normal, he never normally had outbursts  over a thing that she thought where just minor.
She knew he had an image to uphold and she had never disobeyed him before.
She knew there had to be a first for all,right..
She had always been the obedient type of girl; since she was a child,yet giving up her job and disciplining her child had to be the cut off with this ruling thing in their marriage.
She too had to have boundaries.

Slipping off away his demanding grip,Annie made her back to her duties before did however she took one detour to the last place she ever thought she would need to be.
Within the grasp of a friend back in second class..
She needed time away from all she knew,and this ship, was not big enough to hide her thoughts or even disappear onto it for that matter.



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