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07/12/2020 06:35 PM 


Early Life.
Jed Alexander Smith was born to Wendy and John Smith. He was the youngest of three children to them. The oldest sibling is his brother, Jack and his sister, Sophie. His education was pretty standard and out of the three siblings, he was the most successful in his school grades. Despite a shyness that naturally came with his personality, Jed didn't have a lack of friends. As well as applying himself to his classes, he applied himself to football and boxing activities where most of his childhood friends originated from. 

When Jed was around fourteen years old, the world of YouTube was slowly started to become a career for people. Sophie was the first sibling of the family to create a channel and pursue a career as an Influencer. To which her content was successful and widely popular amongst her viewers. The videos that Sophie made slowly became to become more creative and over that first year, began to involve the family more. Which included Jed.

When the Problems Started.
Being part of Sophie's career was at the back of his mind. He didn't want the attention and more to the point, he was already lacking confidence with females who weren't just friends. The female attention that came with his rare appearances caused him to retreat into the shadows. It was at this point, as Jed was retreating that John started his YouTube channel. Making him the second child in the family to become a successful Influencer.

Now, at the age of sixteen, Jed felt like there was a lot of pressure on him to live up to what was becoming the family career. Not only from his own family but from the small following he had gathered from appearances in his sibling's videos. There was little understanding from his family regarding his lack of enthusiasm and soon, the pressure became something more sinister for Jed.

At first, it was gauging on food. Eating to the point where the body was rejecting it itself. He would days on end, sick, just from eating too much food. Then he went through a period of not eating at all but it didn't have the same comfort. There were endless nights where he thought; If I could only have the best of both worlds. Which he eventually found a way to do. That was when his fight with Bulimia began.

Bulimia, to Jed, was a secret disease that he began to inflict on himself. It was a feeling of comfort, no matter how temporary. Like having a pair of arms and simulating the comfort that would give him, and when no one is listening to you or you feel no one is listening to you, all sorts of things begin to happen. There was so much pain inside and asking for help became the wrong kind of help. The exact dilemma Jed faced for the year and a half he suffered silently with the disorder. People in the family labelled his up and down moods as attention-seeking and wrote it off.

Jed was already planning his career on YouTube when the family found out about the eating disorder. It was his seventeenth birthday and it was his mother who caught him in the act of bringing up the birthday meal he had just eaten. At first, Jed was able to pass it off but eventually, it became and intervention, and was told to seek help. Which he did. 

During the early days of his recovery, he became very fixated on listening to music and watching films more than he had ever done. Strange things began to happen. The music began to help him because when it came to certain sounds or lyrics, he could relate in one way or another. Even when it came to films. Sometimes the emotion in a score could relay exactly what emotions were coursing through him. 

It was at this point that he decided to postpone YouTube plans and go to college to study Sound Engineering, steps to becoming a producer as well as working on projects at home to build his skills quicker. There was something in the talent that someone had to have to create something so powerful. Hans Zimmer once said that music is a question and answer, all in the same piece. Jed lived by that saying all through his studies. 

It was focusing on something else for that length of time. Something to which he was praised in that allowed him to say he was in recovery.

The Present.
At the age of eighteen, nearly nineteen, Jed planned a move abroad. He was put in touch with someone named Ariah from Soul Beach. Conversations happened over the phone and they reached a mutual agreement that he could be her new roommate. Everything else happened quickly and naturally from there. Shorting after arriving, Jed and Ariah found a companion in each other through their own struggles and an already founded friendship. Each other's insecurities were their strengths.

Three years later and they are still happily together. Still happily living together. Jed has found himself a steady career in DJ and music producing. As well as YouTube whenever he has the time. At this point, he is still in recovery. Although, certain pressures still may trigger him to a short relapse episode. 


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