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Gender: Female

Age: 30
Country: United States

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February 06, 2019


07/12/2020 11:04 PM 


1.) Who will you be spending the 2nd Annual Hartsville County Fair with? All different friends
2.) What is your favorite fair food? Corn dogs with mustard
3.) What is your favorite fair sweet treat? Cotton candy
4.) What is your favorite fair drink? Slushie/Iced drinks
5.) What is your favorite fair ride? Carousel
6.) What is your favorite fair game? Coconut shy and ring toss
7.) What is your favorite fair animal in the petting zoo? Goats and maybe owls if they are there
8.) What is your favorite fair rodeo attraction? Riding a mechanical bull
9.) Are you scared of heights or will you ride the ferris wheel? I’ll ride it
10.) If you could win anything from the raffle what would you want to win? Anything, it doesn’t matter but a holiday would be nice
11.) What craft display do you like the most? Anything to do with upcycling
12.) If you could volunteer at any booth which would you choose? Kissing booth
13.) What is your favorite memory from the 1st Annual fair? Petting a baby goat
14.) What is your least favorite thing about the fair? Stepping in poop
15.) Do you prefer to go in the morning or night to the fair? It’s an all day occasion 
16.) Do any rides make you sick? If so which ones? None
17.) If you could see anyone in concert at the fair who would you like to see?  Chase Rice
18.) If you could run into one celebrity at the fair who would you like to meet? Chase Rice
19.) Are you scared of the fair clowns or do they excite you? Scared of them. 
20.) Have you won anything from the fair, if so what? If not what do you hope to win? Stuffed toys.


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