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July 26th, 2020

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October 08, 2019



07/04/2020 03:11 PM 

looking for people to Roleplay with!!!

It had been almost a year since Faith along side with Buffy and thw scoobygang and also the Potentials faught to save Sunnydale but after the big fight against the First and the Turok-Han we barely got out of there alive when sunnydale collapled being sucked into the hellmouth but few of us fortunately survived and like all other times Faith went her separate ways from the team knowing some of them including Buffy made it out alive some unfortunately didn't but she didn't bat an eye when she left on her own.

It was a dark and one might say spooky night Faith went patrolling but suddenly she stopped the earth started to rumble as a big earthquake Faith started to worry was this going to be another repeat of sunnydale but no that was not it at all As Faith turned around to leave the dark alleyway suddenly a huge Demon apeared out of no where it stood there for a second the beast had human male skin , with long lizard-like tails, razor-sharp fingernails,hind legs with feet resembling animal paws sporting three clawed toes each, and a short, silky goatee from the chin. The beast was massive and very strong too Faith didn't hesitate to attack but once she did shw realized he overpowered her he grabbed her by the throat and slammed her down on the brick pavement the impact hurt like hell she groaned it took her a second to come to her senses but she got up and continued to fight Faith punched several times in the demon's gut but it was like punching a brick wall he didn't move frustrated Faith looked up and then down she smirked and knew exactly what to do she kicked the demon right in the never regions as hard as she could it fell to her needed level she pulled out a long sharp knife and plunged it into his chest right through his heart pulling it out looking at the green slim instead of blood a second later the Demon exploaded and green got everywhere it was like a sillystring material she pulled it off one by one and sighed being a Slayer was messy she took a moment to put the weapon away and to pull out a cigarette which she put to her lips she then pulled out her Zippo lighter flicking it open lighting the cigarette she takes a long drag as Faith slams it shut and walks away in the darkness patrolling for the things that go bump in the night....

Open Roleplay anyone can reply!


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